Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beach and Pool Day 2!

It was a beautiful day in Seaside today!

The babies had some beach time and enjoyed it! After seeing these pics I realize that swimsuit must go away and never return!
We lathered PB up in Sunscreen and his sun outfit. We also kept him in shade almost all day. We would walk him down to the water for about 3 minutes at a time and let him see the waves. He giggled at them. We also had some crazy lady come up to us and ask CB How old Walky was in a VERY bossy/mean tone and when she said 9 months she walked off. I guess she was gonna fuss at us if they were younger.. ( Good thing she didn't talk to me)
The pool was a HUGE hit. He thought floating was so neat and fun and smiled TONS. He also got SO tired he started doing the gangsta lean in his float! Speaking of floats, I LOVE that one we got at the consignment sale! The shade moves and snaps to either end so you can position it 3 ways depending on how they are sitting and how the sun is positioned.

Baby Fenn had a few girlfriends. Everywhere we go people ask his name and I always say "Fenn" and older people usually say " Oh BEN that is so cute" and these little girls... they said " Oh FISH... Momma his name is FISH like the Dolphin" HA totally cute.
at by 2pm I was totally exhausted... and so was Peebs.


grizaham said...

Sure do miss that little guy when he's sleeping!

Erica said...

This looks SO fun! And you look great, I'm very jealous of your tan and thin self!

Brandy@YDK said...

sounds like so much fun.

Sarah Stanley said...

Sally had that float last summer and would totally snooze in it in my parent's pool. It's a great one! Glad PB liked it so much.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

You look fantastic!! I am so jealous.

We bought that float last year and BG loved it. I'm not sure she'll actually sit in it this year. We need to find out..

Julie Bray said...

I must agree, "Ben! What a cute name...!" ha.
Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time!

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