Monday, April 11, 2011

Babies and Beach Gear

This trip has been a great learning experience of babies at the beach and the gear. It has been very pleasant and peebs has been a great sport. He LOVES the pool and is cool at the beach, just not as entertained. We are honestly having the time of our lives,which is nice because I was worried it would not be as fun at the beach with a babe!
Once the babies go to sleep at night we have adult time and delish food from a place next door that sells prepared seafood. This condo is perfect for the family because it is on the beach with a pool and grocery and takeout about 20 yards away. Very Convienent.

Below is a picture of all my beach gear before we came. Most of that was gifts, all of which we have really enjoyed and used! I bought 2 types of sunscreen for Fenn. Aveeno and Neutrogena Baby Spray. I was nervous about using the spray, since I am allergic, but I tried it on me the first day and it was fine so we used it on him today and it worked well. We coat him good in the Aveeno before leaving and then re-apply FREQUENTLY with the spray. We are never out there more than 2 hours or so at a time, and never in direct sun or the bad time of the day.
 Sun Outfits! The first 2 were consignment sale purchases that I adore! I wish I had about 2 more outfits because it makes taking pictures fun in a fresh and clean outfit every day!
Now below is what I WISH I had... now that I have some beach baby experience. My peebles is a very delicate and pale soul. I worry SO much about his sun exposure and can only relax if he is in the shade at all times. So spending money on sun proofing would have brought me great peace of mind.
- Instead of a baby play tent, I would have brought our tailgating tent where easily all 4 adults and 2 babies could have sat underneath and we would not be chasing the shade and shadows the whole time!

- Oh how I wish I had a long sleeve swim shirt for him because his arms are the only exposed flesh more or less. His float and hat hides the rest of him.Old Navy has a great one too.
- Those swim diapers I bought were a joke. The pool is not a place to practice your cloth diapering ( IMO) because Fenn thinks pool = toilet and that is quite a mess to clean up once you get them out of the pool. So the disposable swim diapers are much better for such things.

- I really regret not buying a beach cart for us to haul all our gear around on. The City Select is not really easy to drive in the sand, which means you gotta ALOT of stuff to carry plus the baby and THIS CART would have solved lots of problems.Read the reviews! I also like that when you come back to your room/house it is still all contained in one spot rather than multiple bags spread everywhere.
- Swim shoes were totally unnecessary since my boy isn't walking.
 - All my life I have had multiple swimsuits cause I can't stand to put on a wet suit. This year, I didn't buy one as I have been spending all our free cash on peebs but I should have bought a new swimsuit to accommodate my momma body. None of my tops fit correctly. I also wish I had bought some of those bra top tanks from Victoria's Secret. I have one from 2005 that I wear constantly because its comfortable, cute and easy to breast feed in.

- Sun hats are cute and very helpful. This one is the best. I got it for $2 at my discount store and am so glad I did! It is nylon and so if/when it gets wet, it dries in 2 seconds and doesnt drip water all in PB's face. It also covers the back of his neck and ears and is easily adjustable to fit whatever size head.

and after all that, you will have a lovely and relaxed beach get away! Pictures of Day 3 coming shortly!


Anna said...

Thanks for the info! So helpful as always! We're hoping to get our babies in the pool soon, and I've been wondering about what gear we would need.

Amber said...

Thanks for posting this! I was totally going to pick your brain about what to take with us to the beach since you went first and now I don't have to! :) So glad you guys are having a great time!

jenn said...

aw, man, I should have told you about our beach trip. I bought a pack-n-play with wheels at a consignment sale before the beach. We used it to pack EVERYTHING to take onto the beach. It wasn't the easiest thing to wheel, but with a clean towel in it, it was a rolling area for the kids to play. :) Glad y'all are having fun!

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