Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nashville Fashion Week!

Earlier this month I attended Nashville fashion Week to watch a friend of ours, Melissa Tabor, show her line. I scheduled this blog and it never posted! I just realized that so here are some pics from that night! It was quite an experience and her line was a total success!
You can see more pictures of her dresses by clicking that link to her site!

After much twitter debate, here was the outfit I got to wear to that event:
 It is from bebe. I think I have never made a purchase in there before :)! I love shopping with my twitter friends cause they keep it real. You know how you can try on something, think it looks great and then see yourself wearing it in pictures and be like "Oh nooooo" well twitter prevents that from happening before I ever leave the dressing room, so thank you very much for everyone who gave feedback or voted on my outfit choices! I also would like to give a shout out to CB, who dressed me. My style is much more Boho and she helps me think outside of that box by picking out my clothes! ha

The girls had dinner at Merchants before hand.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New and Coming Baby Products

I am sure you all remember my post about the Woogie, which is basically a stuffed animal that holds your iphone to protect it from drool and drops. I don't know ANY kid who doesn't want their mamma's phone. AND every kid within 30 miles notices peebles Woogie and wants to see it. Yesterday he was strolling around the mall with it watching Yo Gabba Gabba and lots of mommas stopped me to inquire!
 Then I heard this week on Today In Iphone that Fisher Price is coming out with an iphone toy this summer! This thing looks awesome because it will easily fit into your diaper bag and will keep baby from pushing the home key, which can be a problem with the woogie.
Out this summer!

and I saw these Kipiis on some email this week and thought they were neat! It is basically a string with clips to keep in your diaper bag and turn any napkin etc into a bib! It is adjustable which is nice for babies with big necks like my peebles! Comes in several color combinations but I liked this one:
and a newbie from one of my favorite companies BOON. Out in June 2011
"Wrap" is a silicone wrap for your regular bowls to sort of child proof them! brilliant!

Monday, April 25, 2011

My (current) Favorite Ipad Apps!

I know so many of you have recently gotten an ipad! Hooray! So excited for you all and instead of emailing each of you about ipad apps I thought I would do a post! Any of you who have an ipad please comment with your favorite apps also! Thanks!
1. Blogpress - An app making it easy to compose quick blogs. It needs a few upgrades but so far it is the best blogging app I have found.

2. ebay - This app is actually better than the site.

3. Friendly - makes browsing Facebook much easier.

4. Slingplayer - The app that goes with my birthday slingbox. A TV lover's dream

5. Instapaper - This app is really brilliant. One of my alltime favorites.It is basically an account full of any news stories you add so that when you wanna read that link in an email or from a blog you just add it to your instapaper account and they are all here waiting on you when you have the time.

6.DirecTV - If you have DirecTV this app is awesome! A combination between a touch screen remote and TV guide.

7. Instagram  - a fun photo editing app

8. Windowshop - Again better than the site for browsing Amazon (IMO)

9. Reeder - A great app for google reader! I only wish someone would make an app that allowed you to comment on blogs while in the reader ... they would be RICH!

10. Netflix - You can subscribe to just a streaming account these days and stream DVD's right to your ipad. If you buy the dongle you can also connect the ipad to your TV for watching on the big screen.

11. LoopVideo - I use this for looping piggles TV shows when we go on long car rides!

12. Echofon - My twitter app that  I use on ipad

13. Kindle - I use this for accessing all the books I bought on my kindle, and I love it because it is like a kindle with a backlight! It also has better book choices and cheaper ones that the ibooks app. It will sync with your iphone as well so if you are out and forgot one or the other you can just open the app and pick right up where you left off. It has an integrated dictionary and allows you to highlight which I love.

14. Relax Melodies - This is a REALLY cool sounds machine app. The app is free initially with upgrades for more features if you want them. It is hard to explain but you gotta get it and try it out! Great music for Yoga and babies!
15. Yoga HD - This is a new app and I will write a full review of it soon, but so far it is the best exercising app I have ever tried. It's like having a personal instructor in your living room and it gives you the ability to create your own work out.

Ipad Quick Tips:

Here are some short cuts and information you may not know yet!

If you double click the home button it will bring up a quick scrolling dock. From there if you slide to the left you can adjust your brightness and lock your screen if you wish. These are both helpful and frequently used gestures so its much easier to do it this way than going into settings each time because you don't have to leave the app you are working in to do this.

You can go into settings and change the function of that little switch on the right side of the ipad. It can either be used to mute the ipad or to lock the screen. I use it for screen locking because I like to read in bed and this keeps the page from rotating every time I move.

Also if you hold down the right corner of one of your apps they will all start to jiggle, this means you can re-arrange them. I like to customize my dock with the most used apps that way I don't have to flip through pages looking for them. So put your top 5 Here.

and last but not least I have an IPAD tab at the top of my blog where I try to corral all things ipad. Check there for some of my other app recommendations.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Road Trip with a Baby!

Recently we took a 7 hour road trip ( with a baby it was more like 8 or 9 hours) and I learned a few things about how to take better road trips. Over time I hope to implement them all! Until then, here are some tips for you guys!

1. Brica Car Seat Travel Tray - Eventually kids need this to draw on etc but for now, I need a solid surface that has bumper so peebs can play with a toy or eat some puffs without scattering them EVERYWHERE.
2. Back Seat Mirror -  I have tried out a few of these, and this is my favorite one because it allows you to angle and tilt it, which means it works well in conjunction with my cinema seat holder.
3. Griffin Cinema Seat - This is basically a holster for the ipad that turns it into a DVD player for the kids in the car. I really love it. I think it is over priced so you could try other models, but this is the one we have and we have gotten every penny out of it. No more screaming baby in the car. Once you drive somewhere with some hollering you would pay just about anything to make it stop!
4. Air Play Travel Tray - I have not used this but will be getting one next time we fly, for 2 reasons, it will keep the germy tray out of my boy's mouth, and it will keep him entertained and you don't have to worry about toys falling to the floor since they are attached. It gets good reviews and I saw one in my discount store. I am just awaiting them to mark it down.  One downfall of this tray is that once its attached, you cant close the tray so you will have to keep that in mind for take off and landing.

5. Some sort of back seat organizer. A million people make these, but let me tell you I did not enjoy having my back seat full of clutter and digging around for what we needed whenever we stopped. As a result I bought this Eddie Bauer one at Target and I love it because it holds diapers, wipes and has insulated cooler built in the bottom for his baby food and drinks. That is really nice! Most of the organizers will fold up in a briefcase like fashion so you can take it out of car and along with you like a stroller or diaper bag .
6. Window Shade. I bought a box at Target for $3.99 of the Eddie Bauer window cling on tent and it is fabulous. I like the cleaner look of it in my car and it covers a great deal of the window unlike most shades. It also makes my backseat super private so I can breast feed in the parking lot without anyone being able to see what I am doing. That's nice since the other day I was feeding PB in a parking lot and this dude had no idea and parked right next to us and ate his lunch ... ha 

Do any of you have other suggestions? I would love to hear them! Hope this reaches ya'll in time for Easter road trips! I am behind in all my blogging!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Royal Wedding! Iphone/Ipad style

I know many of you are super interested in the Royal Wedding which, incidentally is on my 32nd Birthday! Neat. Also the same day as my good friends Marshall & Jessica are getting married! So... to get you all prepared I thought I would share several iphone & ipad apps for the ceremony!

Baby Fenn and a Bacterial Infection!

I think I told you guys that Peebs had the sniffles when we were on vacation. He had a ycky cough and runny nose. Well his runny nose had subsided which I expected meant he would have an ear infection but he never has run any fever or been acting too sickly so I thought all was well.
Yesterday when he woke up one of his eyes was all puffy and pink and would leak lots of tears randomly. I thought he had something in it but I couldn't see anything. He would be playing then randomly bust out a painful cry or scream. I could not figure out what was wrong! He did not have any "crud " in his eye so I ruled out pink eye.. and then I just called the doctor who said to bring him in and I'm glad I did! He has a "bacterial infection" in his left eye and in his right ear! Poor Fellow. I tried to show his eye in the pictures above but its hard to see, I guess you may can tell it is puffy.
Anyway just thought I would share in case any of you ever notice similar symptoms in your children! Since he didn't have any fever I thought he was fine, but CB urged me to call the doctor. I hate to think I would have been letting him suffer unknowingly!
He is now taking antibiotics to clear up the infection, but he is not contagious unless another baby drinks his leaky eye fluids. ha He is his normal self, still happy most of the day and sleeping like normal so ... its the most pleasant sickness he has had yet!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lady GaGa Concert!

Back when Cory and I were pregnant, we planned a momma's night out to see Lady Gaga and have had tickets for MONTHS! We finally got to go last night and it did not disappoint!
She had some of my most favorite attributes in a performer : Passion and Audience interaction. She seems to really love what she does, and she was very kind and humble and chatty! He outfits were not near as crazy as I expected, but the audience more than made up for that because everyone there was dresses super crazy. I regret not breaking out my glitter and crazy for the show!
Here are some pictures of a few outfits! I wish I had taken more! I was too busy STARING

all in all , she was just as fabulous as I always thought she was!
Rah rah ah ah ah
Roma Roma ma

SlingBox the Review!

If you follow me on twitter then you saw my recent tweet about my parents giving me a Slingbox Pro-HD for my birthday! Yowsa's and Yippees all around! I love to watch TV, and this little box, when hooked up to your TV and Cable Box makes it possible to stream your DVR or Live TV to your Laptop/Ipad/Iphone. That is totally rad awesome! Now when I am at my parents house I can still watch my shows! Especially great for my husbands sporting events that show on local channels, he can now stream those when we are out of state!
So here are some bullet points/questions answered that may be of interest to any of you who are considering a slingbox. I found their website to be not very user friendly in the FAQ department. They do have GREAT tutorials with screen shots for certain aspects of set up though!

  • Is it hard to set up? Yes and no. We have a complicated TV set up with TV, Soundbar, Playstation, DVR, so it took a minute to figure all of that out. But, that being said, I did it all myself so it can't be that hard. 
  • It comes with all the necessary cords in the box. I thought I was supposed to use ALL of those cords but it turns out they may not all be needed. Erik had to point that out to me, otherwise I would have used them all. Even though the ethernet cable was included ( cord used to hook up slingbox to your wireless modem) it was not long enough so you will need to connect those things. If your modem is not close to the TV then buy a LONG cord.
  • The Slingbox apps are not cheap. $29.99. I would be OK with that, except it appears as though you have to purchase one $30 app for the ipad and another $30 app for the iphone. I am working on talking to customer service about this, as it just cant be right.
  • It will only sling to one device at a time. That is how they prevent cable sharing I am sure. So , if I am tapped into my slingbox on my ipad, Erik can not also tap in on his iphone.
  • There is no monthly fee. This is a one time pay gig. Pay for the sling box, pay for the app and you are done.
  • Does it work? Yes it actually works! Its amazing, clear and wonderful! Looks really great on the ipad!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Iphone App Review : My Donations

 Because it is tax month, I present to you all "My Donations " an app that makes it easy to keep up with all of your charitable donations. Super simple and easy to use. 99 cents in the App Store.

It is a great way to keep track of things !

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Recap ... Randomosity!

The weekend felt hardly like the weekend because we had just gotten back from vacation and had SO much to do! I am making pretty good progress though!

I am in love with a shirt I bought in Target! It comes in lots of colors.This is SO my style.

I found some BPA free Ziplock tupperwares that are the perfect size for homemade babyfood! That would be great for home and traveling! They are $2.99 and there is a coupon in the paper for $1.50 off!
I am back to juicing again! I have not had the juicer out since my 1st trimester with peebles and I decided its time for momma and baby to have daily juice. I am starting him out on a mix of carrot and apple juice and will eventually just give him carrot since its much better for him than apple juice. So far he thinks its a game more than a food piece. When did you guys kids learn to drink from a sippy? The fact that he refuses to take a bottle is making it harder for him to learn the sippy I think.
A friend of mine who lives in Utah asked me to check my discount store for some accessories for her stroller ( she drives a BOB) and yesterday I found a whopper of a deal for her. She wanted the BOB rain shield which retails for $50-60 and I found it for $4.99 That was very exciting!
Mr. Peebles wants to crawl so badly! He just cant get it together though, and he is getting prety frustrated. His new thing is to sit on his mat and take all his toys within reach and throw them, then go after them. He has go go gadget arms like his momma so he is able to retrieve most of them without crawling . However, he does fall over and bonk his head enough to make me wish we had a helmet!
AND he is cutting his top teeth and has been super fussy lately :(

Weekly Goals :
  • April is a big month for grizas. Taxes and car tag renewals which in TN means we have to go get our Emissions tested. I have to do that for both cars then send in the paperwork! 
  • I am WAY behind on scrapbooking and intend to update PB babybook and our 2011 scrapbook too.
  • Gotta take my dog children to various appointments to get them all pretty, clean and healthy! 
  • and you all saw from the beach pics that I need a new swimsuit like WOAH. I am looking for one that has more support in the top than a triangle top, but is still a young and cute suit! Feel free to send me links and suggestions! I usually just buy suits at target so I am at a loss for where to find one! 
  • I colored my own hair this week from color in the box, and you can imagine the brassy disaster that is currently. I went to Sally's and bought something to remedy that and will try it out today. Expect some before and after shots!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Beach Vacay Day 4 : The Twinsies shoot!

I would like to report that Mr. Griza's ponytail is almost long enough! He has been growing out his hair and its been in a rough in between phase but I love the way it looks in a low back ponytail! I think he may cut it for locks of love when he is done. He has BEAUTIFUL hair. God willing our son will have that same fantastic hair, cause he is not gonna get it from his momma :(

He didn't think this was fun but look at how beautiful that water was. We had the most ideal weather!
So what if we were those obnoxious momma's that bought our boys matching beach outfits...

and so what if we posed them on a surf board in the sand!

FYI: Piggles thought the sand was like  beach made entirely of puffs and open for snacking. I spent most of the time he was not on a blanket taking clumps of sand from his hand, that were in route to his open mouth.

We really had a great time! I think couple beach trips with babies is the best because you have the same routine and don't have to worry about putting anybody out. It was also fun to trade off nap times with the dads so we could get some sun and actually sit down on  the beach. I bought some Gossip Mags and sadly we never had the opportunity to read those while on the beach! Beach momma's are BUSY.
Now I shall spend my first day back unpacking and washing and such.Piggles got a cold or some big while we were away and has terrible runny nose and cough :( I am having to wash ALL of his toys and stuff so as to get everything all clean again. Hopefully he will be better this week.

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