Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sunday at the Preds game I got to meet one of my bloggy friends IRL! This is Amber from The Daily Dose and her sweet daughter Abby! We could not get the babes to look at the camera!

 My parents were here recently  which was super fun!
and then my Aunt, Uncle and cousins flew up to join us which was awesome! They brought with them brownies and good times! I let my cousin AC pick through my closet clean outs and cousin Richard got to feed Peebles! Anna also helped me make a bunch of baby food for him. She is a whiz in the kitchen so I waited on her to do that because I knew she would enjoy it! It was really a great weekend, and I wish it was about 5 times longer cause I miss them!
Peebs got a few Valentimes! pictured below is one from his Aunt Marti! I LOVE those valentine plates from PBK and almost bought a set for my dining room table but refrained! She always buys him the perfect trinkets that he and his momma both like ! hah
He got valentimes from bebe, Nonie and Aunt Suzanne too!
  • The house hunt is on stand by. The original house we loved got bought by someone else! Sadness for sure because that was the perfect house at a fantastic price, but that is OK bc I know that just means God as a plan we are unaware of at this moment. After looking at all those ranch homes though I have to say it makes me love our (current) house that much more. I do love the summers here in our neighborhood!
  • Watching the Oscars made my eyes bleed. It was full of awkward moments. I loved Gwynneth's dress and that was about it! ha  Speaking of TV I think the new Criminal Minds and Real Housewives Miami are both terrible. Anyone else ?  and also.. while talking TV I have to say that I am SO glad Charlie Sheen is finally getting what he deserves. Jerkface. 
 I took a note from my friend CB's playbook and added a hook in my cabinet for Peeb's bibs. I got tired of running to his room to grab one when we were preparing his food. I think it is fabulous!

     I saw this recipe on Domestic Blonde the other day and tried it immediately! It was SO good. I have been desperate for new recipes for chicken breasts so this was much appreciated!

    My blog design is getting a small facelift and I can not WAIT to show it to y'all. I love the girl who has done my last few designs. I normally change them often but I like it so much that I never want to change it now! We had to tweak it to add Baby Fenn to the mix since that has changed my content so drastically!

    I finally got a consignee number to participate in a local kids consignment sale! So exciting! I have been organizing and tagging like a mad woman!


    Tiny Ocean said...

    HAHA...Jerkface! Love it. I haven't watched Miami Housewives yet..I was a little indifferent about it. New York is my fav.

    I know what you mean about missing your's amazing how important they become once you start your own family.

    grizaham said...

    I enjoyed meeting a celeb bloggie babbie!!

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