Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Post Pregnancy Body: Month 7

I have been getting some hilarious emails and twitters from y'all asking about my "leftovers" and if I have stretch marks, loose skin, etc so I finally got the guts up to post some pictures.
Bottom Line : I have lost the baby weight, that the dark line has gone away, and I am left with some loose skin and a weird belly button!
All in all not terrible, I still plan to wear a bikini and also to gain a little weight and that should help with the loose skin problem. I don't think it's entirely obvious that I have given birth, to the average person anyway. Another momma would probably notice!

Weird Belly Button is more evident in this pic. It is bigger and shaped differently than before.
Let's Review:

I was also 26 in that before shot!  The body of a 20 something is cuter than a 30 something... IMO.  And I need to do some toning, especially in my legs and butt! But good progress for 7 months I would say. I think around the 6 month is when I lost those last few clinger pounds and I definitely would credit breastfeeding my dino baby with all of that weight loss.


Brittany said...

The belly looks fab!! I wouldn't be able to tell you had a baby but that might change! I'm scared of the "leftovers" so this gives me hope!

melissa said...

Girl, I didn't look that good BEFORE I got pregnant! You look great!

grizaham said...

I'm down with @grizas in a bikini!

War Eagle that!

Melissa Tabor said...

I seriously commend you for posting pics!! You are one hot mama! Love the diagram drawn words, "before BB" and "after." Too cute. You look AMAZING! Congrats on kicking that baby weight's booty!! xoxox

Cheryl E. said...

You rock girl! I am jealous!

Mrs. Holder said...

Looking good LG! The belly button is cute both circa 2006 and 2011!

Tiny Ocean said...

Looking good! my belly button did the same freakin thing. It's twice as big then before...so weird.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

You look better than I did before I got pregnant!!

Kudos to you for posting these. I feel like nobody talks about what really happens post baby. It's not pretty, but it does go away! You look great Mama!

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Oh my goodness you look great hun!! Seriously amazing!! I could never show a picture like that!!

Beach Bum & Baby said...

p.s. Peebs needs Scout. You must go get him stat!!

Celeste said...

You look awesome and the loose skin will eventually minimize too! So glad things are going well for y'all.

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