Friday, March 18, 2011

Pishposh Mommy Wet Bag and Changing Pad!

I saw on twitter recently that PishPosh came out with a NEW item! A Wet bag ! Super exciting since I use a wet bag often! Wet bags are GREAT for cloth diapering mommas, and they are also great for stashing clothes that experience a blow out... and that happens more than you think it will, and when you least expect it! Being able to protect your purse from that mess, and that smell is very important! I am a big matchy matchy girl. I love SETS. So naturally I ordered one that matched my diaper bag insert, which BTW I love more and more every day!

This wet bag is better than any of the others I have seen out there, and certainly priced better!
It is a great size, and allows you to snap it in the shape of a clutch so that you don't have this huge bag wandering around in your purse. I roll mine up like a fruit roll up and stash it in the side pocket of my diaper bag insert.
It also has a great PUL lining that is substantial. In the past I have used wet.dry bags from planet wise, and I was SO disappointed in the fabric ( it was not very substantial, which in turn does not hold odors).
and the icing on the cake? is that that wrist strap has a snap also so that you can clip the bag to your diaper bag strap, or a stroller handle with ease.
I will be using it to store dirty bottles and food containers as well once Baby Fenn has eaten his yummies.

and while I was at it, I ordered the matching changing pad because it will fit inside of the organizer with ease. I got caught recently with nothing to lay under peebles when I was changing his diaper so I added this. It holds about 2-3 diapers and a travel wipes case. It is not very big, but will do the job of keeping his head and booty off dirty counter tops!
because the wet bag is a new item they are offering a special on it right now, click HERE for details on that.


Kelli said...

Thank you for introducing me to the Pish Posh Mommy stuff! If only I had taken advantage of the chance to get another carryall when they had the Japan relief thing going on. Staying on top of their announcements now!

grizaham said...


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