Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pimpin Out Your Stroller!

I know I talk about the stroller ALOT, but dang we use it soooo much, and I am so thankful that we got the one we got!  We have basically used it like a nursery on wheels since Fenn was born.
Friday PB and I joined Bro, Shauna and cousin Chlo at the Zoo! It was my first all day stroller outing in the HEAT. I learned a lot and will consider that a trial run for our upcoming beach trip.
I have been training peebs to wear hats and sunglasses for a while now and thankfully he tolerates them and does not try to yank them off so that I can protect his casper skin!

I am all the time talking about my discount store, which sells tons of things but most of it is from Amazon and is at least 60% off the retail price. Every week that it is there they mark it down another 10% so I get some GREAT deals there.Such a blessing considering how much I love shopping for baby gear!

I have seen this cooler for Baby Jogger strollers in there before for $12 and passed it up, regrettably, because after the Zoo trip I decided we needed one stat! I ordered it from Amazon and it got here TODAY! Don't know how that works. It had great reviews, but I had a TIME trying to get it to fit the City Select. I eventually had to add an extra piece of Velcro I had on hand to make it work out. No more $3 bottle of waters for me at the zoo! I shall sneak in my own ! HA
Then I set out to make myself a stroller kit so that all my stuff would be in one place and I can just keep it in the bottom of the stroller. One of the BEST things about this stroller is the huge basket underneath. Long days out require a lot of stuff like SLR cameras, jackets or rain gear, sunscreen, food, yadda yadda... and it is great to have somewhere to put all that junk, and I gotta admit I LOVE being able to push it all around on a cart now, instead of carrying it in a big purse like I did pre-baby. HA
So below you see:
  • a first aid kit
  • Stroller Fan
  • Mosquito Net
  • bag hooks
  • extra parts
  • sunscreen
  • rain cover

and then when Pish Posh had that fund raiser for Japan, they sold some carry alls with defects for $5. I gladly picked up another one just for stroller junk.

I got this strap in baby shower presents and I LURVE it. It was meant for sippy cups but I have been using it forever to strap toys or paci's to the stroller so that when he tosses them or they fall, they don't touch the floor. He is at a stage now where knocking things off tables and tossing them is super fun for him... not so much for me!

Here is peebs modeling our mosquito net. We will be going to a swamp cook out in the Ville soon so I plan to protect his precious juicy-ness from those buggers. I got it at my Discount store for $2 but it is Eddie Bauer brand from target and is basically like a huge hair net so it expands to fit any stroller seat. The canopy keeps it from touching him and he can see through it so he does not mind.

I have my eye out for a special sun covering, similar to the mosquito net because peebs got a little sun on his calves at the zoo when he was snoozing in his stroller. The huge canopy covers most everything, but the part of his legs that peaks out. I have seen this one online and so now I just wait and watch for my discount store to have one. Sunscreen is great, but a mesh SPF canopy would give me some great peace of mind since I won't be worrying about reapplying or if I got it everywhere. I prefer the canopy nets and sunscreens to keep the chemicals off his skin as well. Both bug spray and sunscreen bother my skin so I can only imagine what they would do to his precious juicy new skin. (Babies 6 mos and under can not wear sunscreen so it is also good for that time ). They have excellent reviews online from parents talking about vacations and theme parks and how the nets allow circulation, and shade for naps no matter where you are.

This bag by skip hop is pretty cool and gets great reviews. I already have plenty of storage but some of your other mommas might like it!
Baby Jogger has a MP3 Parent Console available that is said to fit all of their strollers. I found it at my discount store this weekend for $20 ( Retail is $59) and the fit is a little awkward in my opinion but I was shocked at how loud the speaker is! It is pretty awesome, especially for when peebs and I stroll the hood. We always jam out but its hard to always hear just the speaker on my phone.My stroller has a boombox. LOL
This is a stroller lock for when you go places like Disney World and need to leave the stroller to ride rides. It gets great reviews ! It comes in lots of different animals and is a neat little thing to have when you go to theme parks and such.

Just an FYI to those of you who have the Baby Jogger or who are thinking of buying one, the 2010 models are on sale now because the 2011 just came out. There are not any huge differences ( you can see from this post) so that can save you some $ if you are interested. I found my 2nd seat online HERE discounted with no tax and no shipping which is GREAT. I wanted to go ahead and get it while it is on sale and also because when you go places with friends and 2 babes, it is much easier to take one stroller instead of 2. MUCH easier!  Plus little griza #2 will need it one day! Until then, Ralph will occupy it.


Mrs. Holder said...

I have been excited about this blog post! I plan on purchasing a couple of "pimp" items for the stroller today with AmazonMoms....holla!

Tiny Ocean said...

just pulled out my sippy-bungee rope thingy it. and i'm def looking into that stroller lock...looks compact which me amore. peebs is so cute!

Anna said...

Who knew our stroller had so many accessories! I may have to come up to Nashville to visit your discount store...sounds like heaven!

Veronica Marcetti Dimick said...

I just looked at your ticker, and your little guy is only one week and five days older than my little girl! Crazy! Wish I would have been reading this whole time so I could "compare." :)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

No lie, Peebs has the most pimped out stroller out there! I'm not going to let BG see this...

Kelli said...

Those shades! "They see Peebs rollin', they hatin...."
You are an expert on all things baby gear. Sometimes I feel good about what we've got when I read your posts and sometimes I realize I need to step up my game! This is a step up my game kinda post.

Erica said...

I WANT this stroller so badly! I don't think we're going to be able to justify the price though:( I'll live vicariously through you and your pimped out stroller!

grizaham said...

i still think we should find some headlights for that thing.. good for dark alley strollering.

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