Thursday, March 31, 2011


We got to hang out with some friends of ours, the Gipsons. They are a family that had season tickets to the Pred's games next to ours for years and I got to know (and love) their boys from those games. They are too busy for season tickets these days so we rarely ever see them anymore but last week they came to our house to play and go to a Hockey Game with us. They brought PB SO MANY TOYS! Including that cool piano thing I showed y'all.  Their oldest boy is one of the reasons I wanted PB to be a boy SOOOO badly!  They had a great time playing with our dog children and called Ralphie "Growlphy" which was hilar to me. I always love when people mis-use or re-invent a Griza word or name. It cracks me up.

Cousin Jennifer also came to the game that night and PB loves her.
I saw this laminator in Target the other day and secretly want it! I always wanna laminate stuff. What is wrong with me? HA
Got Baby Fenn a $5 life jacket thingy for the pool when we go to the beach soon. It straps between his legs. He thought it was neat.
My mom emailed the other day saying that she was hanging with  my nephew and discovered where my bro had broken a branch off one of her plants. She looked at my nephew ( wilburs) and said "Im gonna get your daddy"
and he said
" NOOOO dont get my daddy! He's my BEST boy! He take care for me" HAHAH
I think that is soooo cute! I have been saying it all week " He's my best boy!!" HA

Sooo my Best girl, @EdwardsEdition is coming this weekend with my God -daughter Emma Bears and I cant wait to see them both! We have MAJAH plans for bargain baby shopping! Huge Consignment sale, super secret discount stores, and Junior League Rummage Sale!! Hooray! 


Susannah said...

Weags with a capital W! Cannot wait dude! Fennerbears is so big, I haven't seen him in FOREVER! and Growlphy? Priceless-new name for me!!

jenn said...

I love Fenn! I had so much fun playing with him/protecting him from hockey pucks! Nicholas saw this picture and was SUPER mad that I went to a hockey game without him... ;)

grizaham said...

life is good.

Tiny Ocean said...

Your peebers is so cute...has the best smile.
I too have an obsession with laminators. When I taught Kindergarten I was down at the laminating machine daily...and it was a big, huge industrial size great!

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