Monday, March 14, 2011

ipad2 #FAIL

I think you all know about my apple fanBOI fanatics. I was hoping on the launch day for iPad2 to introduce my peebles to the whole experience. His true 1st apple line was in utero for the iphone4.  Although we had a great time in line and met lots of fun people,  I was unsucccessful in acquiring the ipad2. They ran out of the one I wanted before we even got close. Baby Fenn did his best to entertain all those around us though. He had some dinner, and some mum mums and some laughs, followed by a Baby Einstein video on the ipad one, right from the comfort of his stroller!

Auntee Cory came to join us, which is also kind of a tradition!
We also got to run into the Kibbers which was awesome!

We plan to keep our ipad 1 because we all 3 want to use it and when we traveled to Arizona, it occurred to me I could not read any of my books or magazines I had on there because PB was watching Baby Einstein on the plan. Same thing happens on road trips so we plan to get the ipad 2 for my (early) birthday as soon as we can. Looks like the demand was about 3x great than that of the ipad 1 so it may take a few weeks...


melissa said...

I'm sorry you weren't able to get your iPad2. Hope it's available soon!

I went and looked at them on Sunday and I really liked it! I think one might be going on my birthday list!

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Ugh!! So frustrating hun!!

Mine is currently in Alaska... Fed Ex says it will be here Thursday - I sure hope so!

Mrs. Holder said...

Sorry you didn't get one, at first I thought you did acquire one and didn't like it from the title of your blog...can't wait for the new one! I still need to order one, dang I'm a slowpoke this week!

Susannah said...

So you are getting it, but it was just out at the moment? Y'all crack me up with your computers-how many does this make? 4 or 5?

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