Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ipad App Review: DirecTV

Not trying to do a commercial for DirecTV, but I gotta hand it to them... they always come up with great apps, and they always do it QUICKLY. Not 10 years after the iphone has launched, but right away! Staying current is key!
I had no idea that they had made an ipad app, in addition to their iphone app! It is totally awesome and totally free. Check this out:

It gives you an area to mark your favorite channels, as well as your favorite sports teams so that it can always show you when any of them are playing.

It will show you all the shows you have on your DVR and allow you to control your DVR right from the ipad like a remote control!
When you select a show it offers a nice display of information for you combining TV & Internet
Here is a shot of the super sized remote control it offers!
So if you have DirecTV and the Ipad get on it! I hope they will soon offer ipad users the option to watch shows from the DVR on the ipad! I am sure that will be around the corner!


Cheryl E. said...

Wow, now that is pretty cool.

Brandy@YDK said...

AWESOME. I have directv and an ipad!

jesusl.dishnet said...

I guess its cool, but I really don't see what is so amazing about making your iPad into a giant $400 remote. I am just glad that I have and work at DISH Network. With the DISH Remote access app, I can stream live and recorded TV straight to my iPad. I am definitely very busy and need a way to utilize my DISH programming while I am away from home, check out the DISH as!

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