Monday, March 7, 2011

iPad 2!!

I am sure you all have seen the ipad 2 announcement by now ! Are you drooling over it like I am? It sure does look awesome.

The best part of the new design, IMO , is that snazzy cool new case design! We are what I would consider "power users" of the ipad, and the case has been a problem all along because I have yet to find a case that does all that I need to do. I change our case out daily because I need one type of case to make it stand up for video watching and keeping it safe in my bag, and then I have to remove that case anytime I put it in the Griffin Cinema Seat for car rides. All with my one free hand! That new case will solve all of my problems.... even if it is majorly over priced!
Other new and awesome features are :
  • The cameras ! The ipad is great for facetime and video chats so I am glad they added that. Not to mention the ability to take photos with it when you need to.
  • The lighter weight and new shape. That was something that really needed attention because after using a kindle, the ipad feels HEAVY. I can't wait to hold it and see for myself if you can really notice the change in weight.
  • the black and white model choices! I love all my apple items in white and have been mourning the loss of a white iphone 4 ! 

I am still sad that it is missing a built in SD slot and the ability to sync iphone to itunes account. Until those things happen, I feel I can not really leave the laptop at home when we travel. I think they will need to offer bigger memory for them when these features finally do become available. I also hope they one day offer a less reflective screen.

All in all it is an excellent upgrade, and actually shocked me that they made so many changes for the 2nd version since the 1st ipad has been so successful.

You can watch the Ipad2 commercial HERE

For those of you who are interested in ipads and don't own one yet, this means a nice price drop in all the 1st models on ebay and places like that for you. I know a couple of people who are selling theirs if an of you guys are interested!


brown eyed girl said...

So, when will you be purchasing your iPad2? :)

I'd love me an iPad, but I don't think we really need a second one!

melissa said...

I'm tempted to ask B for one for my birthday but I'm not at all Apple proficient. I can operate my iPod and that's about it. I'm worried I won't be able to take full advantage of it. Is it easy to use - even for a PC user? Do you use your iPad as an eReader? If I got one, I'd like to be able to use it as an eReader also...guess I better start doing my research!

Anna said...

Gee, thanks for giving me yet another thing to add to my list of things I'm lusting after but can't afford! Maybe the iPad fairy will drop one off at my door???

Brandy@YDK said...

I wish it didn't look so awesome and make me want it so bad.

Elizabeth said...

I would love one but Josh will not let me have one! He says I spend to much time on the computer as it is! HA!

grizaham said...

iPad 2 is the insane! I am inheriting the iPad 1! yeah!

Beach Bum & Baby said...

JD is already trying to pawn our other one off on people. We do not need 2 of these things. :)

But I will say - it looks awesome!

The Masters said...

i so want one. im like you...i'm all about the white!!!

Tracey said...

Is it worth buying a used one? Give it to me straight...

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