Monday, March 14, 2011

A Collection of Thoughts...

We had a VERY busy weekend over here in grizaland! Rather that write out multiple posts or long post I shall just give you guys a summary!
First of all I did some SERIOUS discount shopping this weekend. Bebe & PawPaw sent Fenners some money for a new car seat and some new clothes! I got the Britax Marathon at my discount store for $134 (brand new) which is pretty awesome! It was one of my top 5 choices.
AND I had intentions to buy him a "Scout" dog by V-tech that my bloggy friend had told me about. It is SO neat. You hook it up to your computer and program it with your child's name, fav color, food etc and it sings and talks to them. Its precious when it says " I LOVE YOU FENN" or sings about how he loves sweet potatoes. I found them at my discount store as well for $9. SCORE
Then I also found a Crane Humidifier there for $10, I have been watching for those as well because we needed one for peebles room.
Here are some of his new outfits from Bebe & PawPaw. He now wears ONLY 18 mos sized clothes.

 The good news about that is I had a WHOLE box of hand me downs from cousin wilburs in that size that are perfect for this time of year. Cousin Wilburs is one of the best dressed children I know so we are lucky to have his fancy threads. He has So many cute smocked Easter outfits that Peebs will get to wear like this one :
I spent hours cleaning out his clothes this weekend, putting away what was too small and washing and hanging all his new 18 mos wilbur clothes.
Then I went to this HUGE consignment sale ( this is just one room of a HUGE warehouse)
and even though I said I would NEVER shower my baby in toys, I can not help myself! I am worse that I ever imagined, but I love how happy he is with toys and that he can now appreciate them. I especially love the concept of recycling all these plastic toys and paying very little for them, and reconsigning them once he gets tired of them.  I already mentioned my sanitation process so don't y'all worry about him getting germies! Buying "recycled" toys takes away alot of the guilt.
He LOVES this particular toy I got him there ( some LeapFrog spinning thingy) We call it his Vegas Slot Machine.
Then we had a family night at the Predators Hockey Game. He had SO MUCH fun. He slept for a long time that night too! He also decided this weekend that he LOVES mum mums.
Our friend @MaconBabies was in town this weekend and so I took PB over to Granny Annie's house and we had a play date with her daughter letta.
We also made baby food for the week. Bubs loves to take over help with making peebles baby foods. We tried beets this week. He did not love them but he did eat them anyway, but lemme just tell y'all that made some scary looking poop so we are gonna skip those for now! I think its so weird that I hate to cook, but I love to make baby food!

and then a few other things on my mind:
I read this post on a blog about Dave Ramsey, who i need to get down with, but she mentioned this cool chic on etsy who makes forms called Clean Momma Printables. She is AWESOME. Check her out HERE

We have a trip scheduled in April around my birthday and it will be our first time to leave peebles over night! YIKERS. I know it will be fine, and really good for us but I am nervous for my momma because he is addicted to the boobies and still gets up at night. I hope he doesn't drive her crazy.

We also have a baby beach trip scheduled for April with our friends the Happy Holders. Momma CB and I have been actively collecting beach outfits and gear. Any recommendations/tips?

I am working on a post of what I lived to learn from or regret about my 1st time Momma trials! stay tuned!


Courtney said...

You're right. Those lists on Etsy are AWESOME. Thanks for the link.

Let me know how the Dave Ramsey stuff turns out. T and I could probably stand to get on board with some financial planning as well...

Beach Bum & Baby said...

I'm about to pitch a fit over the fact that we don't have one of these stores. I'm SOOO jealous. Like stomp my food and whine a little - you find the BEST stuff there!!

Ok, rant over!

YAY for the Britax, that's the one we are going to get too! I want the cowmooflage. JD says no... we will see.

I'm so excited that you picked up Scout - don't you just LOVE him!!!

His little easter outfit is so cute!!

Love that printable site on etsy - it's awesome!!

I hope y'all are having a great Tuesday morning!

Marion said...

I totally agree with the cooking real food vs baby food thoughts! I figure my hubby's and I will end up eating pureed veggies when we realize that's all we have for the week!

The Macons said...

I can not believe that little Letta bear is sittin there with no pants on! With a boy!! Her parents must be crazy!

Tiny Ocean said...

you're going to love his big boy seat...i couldn't wait to get LL out of her bucket seat. there is a consignment sale going on here in orlando called Sweet Repeats and I can not WAIT to go. I always get so jealous when you talk about your crazy deals at those things. Lookin forward to your post on First time Momma trials...

Susannah said...

I cannot WAIT to ravage the consignment sales when I come in a few weeks! I am so jealous of all the good deals. The pic of Fenn and LEtta is presh-they are buddies! Glad y'all got to hang, we will have to make some time to go see Grannie while I'm there over the weekend!

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