Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cloth Diapering Series Part 1: Storage of Clean and Dirty Dipes

I have had a lot of questions about cloth diapers lately and so I thought I would do a blog series on them because it can seem overwhelming at first!

Here is my station! I really like having a changing table. We did not have room for a big one so there is no counter storage, thus the organizer hanging off the side of the table. It keeps things handy!
I use drawer separators to make little rows of clean dipes. To the left are extra inserts, wipes etc.

 I keep cloth wipes and hiney spray on one side, powder and but chapstick on the other. Disposable wipes in that skip hop container on the top and disposables underneath for night time. When peebs was younger I used cloth at night time with a doubler, but as he got older he was peeing too much for that which is why I use a disposable at night. Once I can get him to sleep through the night without nursing, I shall go back to cloth at night.
This is a pail liner. It is made of PLU and you use it like a garbage bag. The advantage of it is you re-use it over and over, and you can just chunk the whole thing, diapers and all into the wash without having to stick your hand in there and pull the dipes out!
It took me months to figure this out, but they have flannel squares on the inside which are for you to put a few drops of essential oils on for deodorizing the pail. I found that this works better than any of the other item they sell for such things. I don't have any problems with odor in his room as I also use a pail with a lid.

Here are my products. I love all 3!  The spray on the far right is for hiney washing. You can spray directly on the skin or onto a cloth wipe for cleaning up the booty!
So there you have it! Storage of the cloth!


grizaham said...

best advice for cloth diapering.
hope your wife is really into it and cleans all the cloth diapers..

i am a lucky man

Anna said...

Great info! I had always wondered how you got them out of the pail and into the washer without a huge mess. That bag is genius.

NaturalEmpress said...

Hi...where did u purchase ur pail liner? I like it and the spot for the e/oil is a great idea.

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