Monday, March 14, 2011

Bathing Your Baby!

I have had several requests lately to discuss baby bath stuff and so we shall do that now. I would love to hear what you all are using and liking in terms of baby bathing.

I saw this thing on BBB and if I had unlimited funds and space I think I would totally buy it. It had great reviews and I can see how it would be marvelous ( hello no bending over, awkwardly holding the baby over the edge of the tub!)
I bought this bath seat/ring a few months ago when PB outgrew his bath recliner and wanted to sit up in the tub. It is a great idea in theory, however in practice it was a total fail for me, because the bottom of my tub is textured which means the suction cups don't stick to it, which means it takes TWO people to get him out of this thing, and I always worry about him smashing his little bathroom parts on that bar between the legs.
This is the seat I was given as a baby gift and used for months till PB got too big for it. I really liked it because it was easy to use, a nice angle and it would fold flat which makes it great for travel and storage. This would probably suit most of you much longer than it did me, since my baby is bigger than the average babes of his age group.
Then after the Cribsies votes i read about the Eurobaby bath and I think it sounds pretty groovy. I have never tried it, but I can see it's appeal. Have any of you tried it?It is supposed to work from birth to 2 years old. I enjoy that it is not wildly colored as well.
and I saw this thing, called the Papillon Baby, today on Tiny World blog and thought it was pretty cool. I have never even heard of it! It is like a floaty device!
and one day when we have our rancher and Piggles has his own bathroom, I shall get lots of fun bath time stuff. As it is, we share my tub and I have to constantly swap our stuff in and out, and keep it all put away when we are showing the house ! ha


Mrs. C said...

We LOVE our eurobath! Its very large so we store it in our bathtub. That's the only con, is its size. Other than that its awesome!

Brandy@YDK said...

we have the frog for bath toys. love.

Angie Lane said...

My kids both used the seat thing that you have a picture of above, and you are right and it was somewhat of a pain... I had the same issues that you are talking about - it doesn't stick to the bottom because of our tub and they do kinda slide around in it so their "bathroom parts" have a potential to get smashed. My kids somehow mastered sitting back in it so that it will not turn over and they just sat there reclined. We did have times where they would almost fall over reaching for a toy or something, and getting them out their legs would almost always get caught so it was like the game of operation to get them out without their legs getting stuck! They sat in it for a little bit, but I just got to where I braved them sitting up by themselves and I was always right there by the tub so we just worked that way until they could sit up by themselves!

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