Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Wipes, Cloth Wipes & Diaper Rash

I thought I would do a small post on baby wipes because though I rarely thought about them before, they have been a source of several problems for us.  We use both disposable wipes and cloth wipes depending on where we are or the task at hand.
I have come to discover that cheap wipes cause lots of skin irritation and rash on my baby. I have heard several other moms mention this, and it stinks to find that out from experience rather than knowing before hand. So all you new and expecting mommas, be forewarned!!

Baby Fenn has his first bad diaper rash right now, and I am 99% sure that it came from me changing his diaper on the fly and using wet kleenex wipes instead of real diaper wipes. The only disposable wipes I will currently use are Huggies. They have the best texture and don't seem to irritate him.

Cloth wipes are much better and easier than they sound! When you cloth diaper, if you use disposable wipes you can't just wrap them in the diaper and toss them in the pail, which means having to go find a trash can. After a few times of this I decided I was gonna use cloth wipes after all and was surprised by how much I like them.

Using cloth wipes can be done 2 ways. Making a solution that you pour over the wipes and keep in a wipe warmer, or having a spray bottle with the solution that you spray on the hiney then wipe off with dry cloth wipe.
In the beginning I was keeping wet wipes in a container but now I think its easier to use the spray because it is important to keep all PB's rolls dry to avoid the diaper rash!
If you are interested in using cloth wipes the ones I use and like are These, These, and this wipe solution.
I recently bought the skip Hop wipes case at a consignment sale for $3 and I love it. It works great with both cloth and disposable wipes! I highly recommend this for all moms out there! I have tried ALOT of wipe cases and this thing is really fantastic!

and while we are discussing wipes and the like, let me suggest you all go to Amazon.com and register for Amazon moms! They have fantastic deals on diapers and wipes etc. I read about it from my friend Beach Bum & Baby. Check out her post for more details and inspiration! I can't think of anything better than getting fabulous deals on your baby necessities AND having them delivered to your door!


ml said...

I don't use cloth wipes, but we have always used Huggies wipes. Can't STAND Huggies diapers, but I love the wipes. They are nice and thick and non-irritating!
I love that Peebles and the Grizas too!!

Alison @ One Lucky Monkey said...

I use a mix of disposable and reusable wipes and have tried a bunch of wipe solution. I was so irritated by all the different types and that no one could tell me what was best!
Now I use a stopper bottle and fill it with warm water and then dissolve a squirt of baby soap and 2 drops of tea tree oil. I just shake it and spray it on the wipe each time - very easy! Rowan hasn't had a booty rash since! (For disposables we use Pampers with aloe just because that's what they have at Sam's Club.)
I love posts like this because I learn from the blogger and from all the comments as well:-)

Anna said...

I couldn't agree more - Huggies wipes are the way to go. I like Pampers diapers best, but I really dislike their wipes.

grizaham said...

Diaper rash or not, i'm pretty sure i will never ever use a cloth wipe again.. Its like wiping your butt with your tshirt that you are wearing, which i've done a few times.. IT aint pretty..


Cheryl E. said...

Great post. Thanks for the heads up. I have always bought the more expensive wipes but was just thinking recently of purchasing the Target ones...now I wont.

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Thanks for the shout out!! And thanks for posting about your homemade wipes! I love it!!

Dinners said...

hey! Just to chip in my two ents, we use either huggies wipes or Target brand wipes, the ones for sensitive skin, and havent had any issues with either of those brands! Also, I know you are a cloth-diaper user, but in case you do need some disposables (or for all you other moms out there like me who use the disposables!) TARGET brand are THE best! seriously, I actually pefer them to Pampers!!! Mitcehll is sleeping about 11-ish hours per night and they will even last that long (MOST of the time, but I don't knwo any diapers that never ever have any leaks!) also, you may have this already but if not, you MUST get the boudreaux's butt paste SPRAY! get it at target, i think publix sometimes has it, and ingles grocery stores sometimes have it, too. We have only had a cpl diaper rashes but that stuff clears it up IMMEDIATELY! I LOVE it!

Dinners said...

hey again, "dinners" is actually emilie, I hve no ideawhy this keps happening! :)

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