Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Fenn is 8 Months Old!!

Height: not sure!

Weight: 24 + pounds!

Size Clothes: 18 Months!

New Tricks/Milestones :
* Sitting up in a new herkey type position that allows him to get down and attempt to Crawl
(see pic)
* Scooting Backwards. He lays on his stomach, and pushes up on both arms and then accidentally propels himself backward instead of forward towards the toy he is after. It is kind of funny. I think this is typical pre-crawling behavior.

* Biting. **ouchie** he has been biting a lot lately, always when he is very tired, and it seems to be out of frustration that he does it, say the dogs bark real loud and scare him BITE. Say his nose is stopped up and he can't breathe good when he is trying to nurse BITE. I immediately make a noise and tell him NO and remove him from his boobies.
* throwing and smacking his toys. He loves doing this, and I guess that is just the boy in him.
*petting the puppies. I have noticed him properly petting Ralphie lately.
* 2 bottom center teeth are half way in! He only had teething crankies for abouy 3 days with a low grade fever and then was back to norm.

Toys & Baby Gear:
* Some friends recently brought him Fisher Price Piano Thingy and he loves it. He sits at it and plays himself some tunes for long periods.

* Scout the Vtech Dog. We programmed it to say his name and sing to him and he loves that.
* A Little Tykes Remote Control. ( I bought for $1 at Consignment sale).He loves this toy! May be his all time favorite!
* Someone gave him a JellyCats Book months ago and he has loved it since the begining.
* Tadpoles Playmat. This is nice for when he falls over, but firm enough he can practice crawling easily. Also easy to clean.

Things we use most these days are still the Playmat,  Einstein exersaucer, The Flair Highchair, and our stroller!

Favorite Non Toys:
* Still DADDY 
* Woofies
* people watching
*remote controls
* Pretty much any object he can put in his mouth!

Eating & Food:
* Eating 3 times a day! Fruit in the mornings and veggies at lunch and dinner.
* Decided he does like Bananas now if i pinch off pieces and give to him, but won't eat pureed banana.
* Loves Mum-Mums and enjoys puffs IF i feed them to him. I give him some for practice every day and he will get them in his mouth, but he does not know how to let go, so he puts it in his mouth, takes it right back out, then chews anyway. HA
* I give him a sippy cup for practice every day, and he can hold it and get it to his mouth, but he does not know how to tilt it to get out liquid. He loves to bite the nipple part and hold it like a cigar in his mouth. He also loves to throw his cups!
* Everyone keeps asking me about weaning and I forgot to update that I have not weaned him yet. It is just such a pain b.c he refuses bottles and formula so I doubt I will be weaning anytime soon. However this biting problem adds a new twist.

Cloth Diaper Update:
  * still using pocket diapers with regular inserts during the day.
* Using disposables in size 4 at night because of how much he tinkles.

We started our 8 Month photo shoot this morning, and he was happy to oblige!
 He does this move frequently while moving his hands and razzing his mouth so we call it driving the motorcycle!
 This is another new trick! He Enjoys grabbing his feet and practicing Yoga moves!
 and it took ALOT of instruction to get him to sit next to the BlaBla without grabbing him or eating him. I would like to point out that Mr. BlaBla no longer has EARS! They have been eaten off. I thought Blabla dolls were baby safe because of the no eyes etc but just FYI I would not have put this in the bed with him if I had known he could pull the ears off. ( they are tiny, like the size of a nickel)

Sleep: ( see previous post)
 On a side note, I have to say that I have totally fallen under that baby spell where I think he is the most awesome cutest bundle of snuggles that ever existed. I kiss him no less that 87,456 times a day and tel him how awesome he is too ( should have a great self esteem later) HA  It is crazy how much I love him! and how much I enjoy being a mother. I NEVER thought I would say that but so far these past 12 months have been all about things I never thought I would say or do!


Susannah said...

Isn't it crazy how much love you feel and how you willingly self sacrifice?!? I can't believe he's 24 lbs! I love the first pic and the yoga pic! Soooo cute!

Mrs. Holder said...

Happy 8 month Fenners!!! He is the bomb and I love him more each time I see him. Snuggle bunny!!

KM said...

First of all I LOVE his yoga move pic it made me laugh out loud! Also, Grow baby grow. I think our boy's are on the same growth chart.

I had the same issue with C's BlaBla only C woke up with his BlaBla's ear hanging by TWO threads. I freaked out and was so upset I called BlaBla. I got a new BlaBla in the mail the next day. Guess what C did right away....go for the ears. He has over 6 BlaBla's and if they have ears like that he no longer can sleep with them.


Anna said...

LOVE the yoga pose! He is so cute!

Does your Baby Einstein exersaucer have a yellow and blue bird on it? If so, that's the same one we have. Both Cole and Ellen love to chew on the "feathers" on top of its head. Hilarious. Does Fenn do the same?

He looks like such a happy baby...good job mom!

Cheryl E. said...

He is such a big boy! I love his photo shoot. The yoga moves are too funny :)

Brandy@YDK said...

he's getting to be such a big boy! and that yoga move is impressive.

Anonymous said...

Work it, boyfriend!! He looks fierce in his yoga pose!

grizaham said...

You forgot to include that he has been to 11 Preds games!!! Thats my boy!


Marion said...

I can totally relate to the 80,000+ kisses a day! He is so cute!

Mrs. C @ Tosots said...

He is so dang cute!! I loved the picture of him holding his legs. =)

Anonymous said...

Laura --

I'm not sure how I came across your cute blog (I'm sure something baby-related), but I kept thinking I knew you from somewhere. Then I saw the Auburn references and it occurred to me that we used to work together at the Noodle/BSB! Your little guy is absolutely adorable!


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