Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Updates on The House Front....

This folks, was a dream house, and sadly we missed the boat. It was from an estate sale, in a FANTASTIC neighborhood with perfect schools and close to, the Y, a playground, the library... It really had everything we were looking for and for a GREAT price due to the estate sale.  The problem was, about 5 million other people had the same thoughts we did and beat us to the punch. It doesn't close until the 25th so I am not completely giving up, but if it does not work out I know that will be OK cause I put God in charge of our house moving process a long time ago, and I have to say it is a lot easier handing over that anxiety and feeling confident about the way the cards fall.
Now that being said, that opportunity is what prompted the moving idea, but once we got on the train to Brentwood,we didn't want to get off.  We plan to continue planning a move at some point and hopefully our house will sell as well.
Now, a lot of people love to remind me that I said this would be our forever house when we bought it, and at the time, I really did think it would be. The problem is, I'm Human and change my mind alot once I had a baby our needs as a family changed drastically. It is crazy how much a baby/family has changed our house shopping agenda.
We have looked at lots of houses and it is very hard to find one that meets all the needs, AND looks pretty because we have our hearts set on a ranch. Those are words I never thought I would say!  Getting a ranch in Brentwood is like winning the lottery cause nobody ever wants to leave, and when they do you can bet that house is full of 70's & 80's appliances, carpet and tile. I can't help but feel a little excited about a "project" and getting to show you all some makeovers.
Take this picture for instance. This is a room in our one of our top contenders. Right now it makes you throw up in your mouth a little, but ohhhh the possibilities..
So here is my list of wants :
a garage
a wood burning fireplace
gas heat
a coat closet
a level yard
a pantry
an open floor plan for living room/kitchen area
little to no carpet
fenced back yard
a utility room
no stairs, just a one level home

So .. what am I missing? I know lots of you have house experience so I would LOVE some comments with your advice or what you love about your home or wish you had etc.  This is such a big decision that I want to make sure I am not missing anything. It is especially hard to think past the NOW, as in when our children will be teenagers and the needs will once again change. So lemme hear y'all!


grizaham said...

That house was cool..... But it doesn't have a basement.. This new house has a HUGE basement!

We will see!


Mere said...

Good Luck on your search! Everything will work out how it should. When we moved to Bham I thought we were gonna be in an apt FOREVER. We could not find "The House" Just before we were going to extend our lease, I stumbled upon our current house!

Sarah Stanley said...

We wanted the same thing when we moved to Auburn!!! No stairs. While our house here won't be our forever house (no playroom, only 3 bedrooms) it is so wonderful because we have a massive living room that flows into the kitchen. We have a laundry room (small, but it's there) a dining room, and a garage. I think the garage is the best part about this house. Not having one in Birmingham was horrid. Andrew and I have already decided that we will always have a 1 story house. Bring on the ranch! And hey, that bedroom may be dated, but it's big. It has definite potential.

Courtney said...

Ok. Trying to comment again.

I don't have kids, so I can't offer the advice there but the no carpet thing is HUGE for me when I look at houses. Right now ours only has carpet upstairs, but when we leave this house I am gunning for a completely carpet-free world. Helps our allergies and overall cleanliness SO much.

Good luck hunting!!

Mrs. Holder said...

Lots of new houses will come on the market in Spring! I'll be excited to see what opens up in the Ranch world for the Grizas!!

Angie Lane said...

I love your list and glad that I'm not the only one with things like that on my list for my new house! I'm totally with you on the no stairs thing, I loved our house when we bought it and it has stairs, and now I HATE our stairs! I will try very hard to never have another house with stairs! and I'm sure that you do, just remember that this picture of this bedroom up here is just how it looks for these ppl... it's very easy to change a lot of that kinda stuff! As I'm sure you know... I think a lot of ppl can't see past small cosmetic things sometimes... it's amazing what a little bit of paint and TLC can do! When we bought our house our master bedroom was hot pink! ha!

Anna said...

Sorry y'all missed out on that house! That stinks. While I'm no further than you into motherhood, I do think our house is a great "little kid" house. It's all one level (which, like you, I love), and we have multiple living spaces. I think having a lot of living space is more important than big bedrooms. We have a den, an office, a dining room, and a playroom. All are very functional and livable. Good luck on your search!

Brandy@YDK said...

bummer. it will work out.

Lori C. said...

There is always lots of little things you would go back and change after building a house, but the biggest thing we didn't include that I wish we had is a mud room. It might not be as big of a deal right now to you since BF is still little but once he gets in school, you will wish you had one for the back packs, bags for whatever practice you have that day, a place for his shoes when he gets muddy, a place for jackets, etc. Ours all goes on our bar stools and it drives me crazy. there are currently 6 jackets hanging on the back of our bar stools along with Madison's basketball bag, both girls backpacks and lunchboxes and their shoes are lined up underneath the barstools. Drives me nuts but it's the only convienent place to put them. So, i would definitely look for a house with a Mud Room. You will thank me one day! :)
Oh - and a laundry room with a counter and a big enough space to leave your ironing board up at all times! LOVE mine!

Here's a link to a blog that has lots of mud room pics. Thought you might like to check it out!

Dinners said...

sorry you guys missed that house but the right thing will def come along!! this is just my opinion, so feel free to toally disregard-- but, you might not want to toally rule out a two-story house if it's setup correctly. our house that we built (three yrs ago, before arrival of baby M) has 3 BR downstairs (including master) and 1 BR/ bath/ AND (This is huge) a BIG den a few yrs when I'm not worried about M and stairs, guess who'll be moving up there...along with all his toys, games, etc, so the playroom will be out of sight and I won't have to freak out if it's not picked up when people drop by! anyway, just something to keep in mind bc as long as you have your master suite and fenn's BR downstairs, 2 story might not be too bad! good luck! I'm sending good house thoughts your way :)

Dinners said...

ha, okay so my comment just published as dinners, as in my friend's restaurant that I send the daily email out for! but this is really Emilie :)

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