Sunday, February 20, 2011

Transitional Sippy Cup Purchase!

I LOVED all the feedback from my last post! You guys are awesome. I shall update about that very soon. While my mom was in town we shopped around a good bit and I found the perfect sippy cup to start Baby Fenn's learning process. I was in Williams -Sonoma to get wedding present for @jessipetti and came across this jewel. I know, I KNOW, who buys a sippy cup in Williams- Sonoma? Well... I will only buy one because it was certainly overpriced, but I can't find another one like it anywhere. It comes with lids to change out for various stages and one of those is a bottle nipple.

   Peebles LOVES it. He is very interested in it, mostly for a teething toy and good time, but every now and again he gets out a magical sip of breast milk and then he spends a long time trying to get his next sip out. He has mastered holding it and sucking, but not tilting it up.
The one qualm I have, which you can read about in the reviews online, is that it can't take much abuse before the lid pops off and spills. I don't put much in it, as right now its more of a teaching tool than an actual sippy cup ( another reason why I don't need more than one). I like that the little orange molding around the bottom edge is grippy so he can't knock it off his tray super easily.
 I wait and give him to him after he has eaten  and napped so he is patient and ready to learn.
 After 2 days with it, if he sees it around the house he wants to hold it, so I think that is a good sign!


The Masters said...

very cute. Great start sounds like!

Tiny Ocean said...

YAY! I have this same sippy/bottle cup but have not used it yet! Hope my babes likes it as much as your Finn does.

Cheryl E. said...

I will have to check this out. Sounds like something my little C would like.

Marlee said...

We used this transitional sippy cup and it was great b/c the nipple is soft like one on a bottle but is shaped like a sippy cup top so it gets them used to that too:

AndreaLeigh said...

we had a time with sippies. He had no interest whatsoever until about 10 months. I think I went through about 6 different brands but ultimately he likes tommy tippee and munckin. we went to a straw right away because that was what he preferred and what is best for their teeth.

grizaham said...

Pretty cool

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