Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have some great reviews coming up for you guys! I cant wait to share them. In fact, the wait is killing me! ha

Below are some pictures of my baby, next to baby pictures of my Sister in Law ( juliel) could this really be her baby? I'm starting to wonder! He has her toes too! ha

One of my wonderful Bloggy friends made me stickers for some of my scrapbooks to mark the year. I have been wanting these stickers FOREVER but no one sells them! I mean NO ONE. So excited to have my books organized now showing the year on the front and spine!
Yesterday my boy had a playdate with his little friend Walker and I was shocked to discover at 6 months he doesn't want to share! He repeatedly took every toy from Walker that he touched. Not sure what to do about that... cause I don't know if he understands at 6 months the concept of sharing. He obvi has been watching brother Ralphie hoard toys in our closet b.c he was hoarding them in his lap.

Look at this snuggly bundle of love! After his playdate the inner boy erupted within him and he was shaking toys and splashing water like a wild man. It was so funny.( I told him it was cool to throw a peace sign in pics)
We went to a Hockey game the other night and it was fun. He loved it. I guess all the action and bright colors was intriguing to him. But I have to tell you that carrying about Baby Fenn is like carrying around a cinder block! He is SO heavy and kind of awkward since he cant help with his posture yet.

and i sure do miss these little jokers! I have to pick up all the food I drop when they are not here! I never know when the mail man has come, and its cold without my little space heaters that follow me everywhere.They have been spending some time with their Auntee over in paradise, so people could look at our house without being attacked.. ha. They are watching squirrels in this picture!


Julie Bray said...

WOW! I can't get over how much Fenn looks like Julie! Julie is so pretty, you will definitely have a ladies man on your hands!

Fenn is really good at sitting up and keeping his balance already. Ben and I miss him! He needs to come check out Ben's new playroom soon!

Susannah said...

Dang Fenny, you do look like Aunt Juliel! You are a precious monkey! I miss your sweet, chunky face!
Aunt Susannah

grizaham said...

Fenn looks like E!

Who is this Julia person?!?


Brandy@YDK said...

that video is adorable. and he gets cuter everyday.

Mrs. Holder said...

Walker misses Fenn...he keeps talking about his friend and how he has the coolest toys!

The Macons said...

Dude I am so glad I finally "re found" your blog! Julie and Fenn are twinsies!

Julie said...

Ha! It is so weird how much he favors me in those pics! He's the cutest boy ever! Kisses to my Piggy xoxo

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