Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pishposh Mommy Diaper Bag Insert & Purse Organizer!

This was one of the reviews I was dying to do for you guys. I had some questions recently about using your regular purse as a diaper bag, which I have tried ALOT. The problem always comes from the stuff mingling all over with your regular purse items, AND if you want to go out say, without your bebe, its hard to get all that stuff out of your bag quickly. ENTER this organizer! This is actually really useful , baby or no baby. I scoured the internet for all types of diaper bag inserts or purse organizers and the Pishposh Mommy Insert was the best one I could find.
There are several patterns/fabrics to choose from and 2 styles: a zip top or drawstring. I like the zipper assuring everything would stay put, but I am sure the drawstring is easier to open when you only have one free hand.
Below you can see the front side which has 3 pockets. I am using them to hold a teething toy, a bib and some earplugs and hand sanitizer. ( baby earplugs for PB when we go to hockey games etc)

The other side Holding another toy, and 3 packs of assorted wipes ( facial wipes, clorox wipes to sanitize any dropped toys or public tables etc and hiney wipes. There are 2 pockets on the ends as well.
Inside the organizer is a zipper pocket, and several slip pockets. One is long and perfect for holding diapers. I also have a burp cloth, wet bag, wipes and a bottle in there. My nursing shawl is taking up the most room but you cant really see it because it's black.
The zippered pocket is a favorite of mine for all those tiny things like medicines, aquaphor, nail clippers, etc. The interior is also lined with Nylon to protect any fancy handbag from spills. There are 2 bottle pockets on the sides of the interior.

and here is a pic of it with my cloth diaper. If I ditched the nursing shawl I could probably get 3 cloth diapers in there. I also put a change of clothes in the top.
Here you can see what it looks like inside my championship bag (neverfull GM)

I happen to love the same style bag, sort of over the shoulder bucket totes, so I could easily swap this insert in and out of lots of my bags. I also think this would be awesome for just purse items like wallets, sunglasses, cell phones, keys, makeup etc. It would make changing purses a breeze. I only wish it came in solid colors and multiple sizes, and that i had TWO! That way I could have always have a fresh packed diaper insert ready to go in case I need to leave in a hurry! Always stinks to go out and find out you are missing a burp cloth or your bib is dirty etc.
Check out PishPosh Mommy if you are interested in ordering one. They ship lightening quick! they also make matching diaper clutches with changing pads ( I already had one that I really like)
I know several of y'all that could use one of these in your pretty purse! @beachbum @melissa, @edwardsedition @maconbabies @mccooma!

Here is a Demo Video from their site:


grizaham said...

Being organized helps disorganization.

The Masters said...

omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you thank you. I Am ordering one of these today. This confusion of stuff has been the story of my life for two years. I also have "work stuff" that gets mixed in with purse and baby! I am thinking this will majaly help the sitch! Thank you

The Macons said...

Me gusta!! I need one for sure, I am kinda tired of lugging the baby bag! Need to get back to my purses asap!

Anna said...

This looks great! I wonder if it would be big enough for stuff for three. Hmmm...I may have to test it out to see.

Julie Bray said...

THANKS!!! I will also be ordering one soon! That's awesome.

Kelli said...

I just ordered one just like yours! This is going to be great. Thanks for the review! It's fun to have a baby about the same age as your PB so I can learn from you!

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