Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Granpa's Political Corner : Immigration

*** I probably have a lot of new readers since Granpa's last past! He writes political posts since  I am no politician! He loves to spark discussion! Feel free to leave him comments! He has been super busy lately and I had a ton of requests ( and i mean a TON) to get him to write another post so here you guys go!! *** LG

We have been told by the media and others that our immigration system is broken and we need comprehensive immigration reform. I believe President Bush offered comprehensive immigration reform as a means of providing people to work in the United States at jobs Americans wont do (think welfare and the war on poverty in the background).

If one is to consider immigration reform it might be helpful to decide, in your own mind, why does any nation have laws regarding immigration into that nation, not just the United States. What are the goals of an immigration service? For me the immigration service was established to provide an orderly influx of immigrants of the QUANTITY and QUALITY that we can ASSIMILATE into our culture as fellow citizens of the United States. 

What is an immigrant? An immigrant is a person who has been given permission by a nation's government to enter that nation and be processed by the nation's government to become, all requirements being met, an immigrant to that nation. A person may not immigrate into a territory because the territory does not meet the standards (borders and a unique form of government) of a nation and does not require permission to enter the territory. It is interesting that "im" as a prefix implies no or not as in impure, improper, etc. Immigrant may then mean non migrant. Immigration is a legal process and can not be illegal immigration.. Immigrants are legal and can not be illegal immigrants.

What are migrants? Migrants are said to be those that wander or move from place to place. Migrants, as contrasted to immigrants, go where they please, though they may encounter some obstacles in so doing. Migrants do not seek permission to wander from one area to another. Of course, a migrant can be a legal citizen from within the nation, the homeless may be considered to be migrants, etc.

"Our immigration system is broken and we need comprehensive immigration reform". Considering the above ideas I would ask a question. Exactly what about our immigration system is broken? For me I think we have too many immigrants that are not properly screened and are not assimilated into our culture. I do not think that the immigration system includes migrants and migrants should not be considered when "reforming" our immigration system.

We have been invaded (an unwanted intrusion) and occupied by millions of migrants. Towns, cities and states are objecting to the effects this has on the social, economic, schools, medical facilities, legal and other aspects of our society. We know these invaders are not immigrants, but migrants. So why do we continue to try and write legislation relating to "immigrants"? Why continue to tweak the federal government over matters relating to immigration? What type of legislation would directly address the problems faced by cities and states? Perhaps we should consider legislation relating to migrants. Surely the federal government can not deny the states and cities the right to protect themselves from the effects of uncontrolled migration.

You must decide these issues for yourself. I hope to have stimulated your thinking.

Suggested reading:
    History of Immigration by Graham.
   The New Case Against Immigration by Mark Krikorian.



Anonymous said...

Hm, I never thought of breaking down the word 'immigrant' and viewing the process of immigration as such.

It would be wonderful if we could have individuals assimilate into the United States. But we also need to look at the United State's perspective, we don't have a national language, and we consider ourselves a "melting pot". I think these facts negates individual's desires or perceived need to assimilate to our country.

Good start to my thought process, I'll let it percolate for awhile and will probably end up talking about it over dinner with my very politically minded husband this week!

Granpa said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comment. We need to discuss ideas without, if possible, rancor.
England has allowed uncontrolled migration with no assimilation into British society. The migrants have established their own zones where British law does not apply. Do we have "sanctuary cities"?

Cary said...

Guess I am too narrow minded but I don't believe in the "sanurary cities." I certainly don't mind immigration but I believe it should be done legally - going through the system as intended.
And yes, I have missed your political commentaries! Welcome back!

Granpa said...

Thanks Cary. Do you have any thoughts about how many immigrants we can assimilate into our culture per year? Presently a minority of invading migrants are assimilating us into their culture. What do you think is the reason for having an immigration system?

I appreciate your comments.thank you.

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