Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finding the Perfect Bibs!

Y'all may remember when I posted a while back about Bibs. It was driving me crazy not being able to find any bibs without velcro. Velcro is a nightmare to wash! Seriously. And the noise it makes scares baby Fenn sometimes not to mention it can scratch his squishy little neck if you don't line up the squares perfectly.
Today I happened upon snapping bibs, not once but TWICE! Was in In Babies R US or Buy Buy Baby where all things baby are sold? NO! I was in Hobby Lobby and Carters! HA

Hobby Lobby had nice cotton double layer bibs in white with white or colored trim for $2.99     ( how cute are those stockings for little girls?)

and Carters has 2 sets for girls or 2 sets for boys. 3 to a pack on sale for $10 right now. They are lined with something to keep the moisture from leaking through the back and most of them are cute prints and don't have any words on them! They wash really well too. You can order them online if you don't have a Carters store near by.
so yay for finding bibs that work well and wash well! Now that we are eating baby food they are really helpful, and also with all the drool Fenners manufactures.


Cheryl E. said...

Ugh I totally know what you mean...they rough up my little guys neck and when you take them out of the dryer they stick to everything...annnoying. I will look into these. Thanks for sharing.

Marion said...

I love all of your reviews and baby product suggestions. Christian and I would be living a much more inconvenient life without them!

melissa said...

Another piece of great advice - thanks!

AndreaLeigh said...

I have a ton of those Carter's bibs. I think maybe I got them from Target? My only complaint is that the neck is big, so some of C's collar isn't covered when he wears them.

Tiny Ocean said...

have you seen the Aden & Anais burping bibs?? Not sure why they are called burping b/c I only use them yum-yum time. They snap and cover a giant size area of baby.

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