Saturday, February 26, 2011

Consignment Sale Saturday!

Saturday CB and  I hit up the Little Sprouts sale out in Franklin. We normally go on the 1st day so we can have first pick, but life dictated otherwise and so we went today and still had a blast. Tomorrow is half-price day for any others interested in going. I enjoy consignment sales so much more now that I know what I need, and what is best to buy 2nd hand. Today, I mostly got toys. Could not help myself when they were $3-4 instead of $20, $30 etc. I just brought them home and did a thorough disinfecting with clorox, water and a toy spray for plush stuff. Now they are all out in the sun drying which is also a natural bleach/disinfectant(sunlight).
I got only one Clothing Item because y'all those consignors were PROUD of those baby clothes. They were marked way too high!  This little beach set was $12 and I think its adorable. I love anything seer-sucker and the fact that its a matching set put me right over the edge! We have a baby beach trip planned with his birth mate walky this spring.
And.. at every consignment sale I have ever been to there is always this table of trinkets which is very obviously shower gifts people didn't want or like. They are usually expensive too! I got this scrapbook set with a plush growth chart, really because I wanted the growth chart but it was $5 brand new in the box. I checked it online and it costs $45
 The little stars are Velcro and you can move them to mark height. The clear pockets are for pictures!
I got this Skip*Hop wipes case for $3 which I am excited about because I needed a good case for my homemade cloth wipes that will keep the moist.
and then afterward I took CB over to my special cupcake spot, Ivey Cake . Originally in Franklin, she just opened a shop in Brentwood. You can also buy her cupcakes at Ugly Mugs in East Nashville. They are THE BEST CUPCAKES you will ever put in your mouth. Carrie Underwood certainly thinks so since Ivey did her wedding!
An excellent way to spend a Saturday! Now I must clean clean CLEAN for our open house tomorrow!


Anna said...

That beach set is too cute! I agree that consignment sales are much easier after you've had the baby and know what you're looking for. Glad you got some good things. And those cupcakes look incredible...yummy!

Kelli said...

Love those consignment finds! I went to one here yesterday and got lots of clothes and toys for Lucy.

Melissa and Cas said...

Love consignment sales and cupcakes! Cute stuff!

Mrs. Holder said...

A very fun Saturday indeed! We missed one last weekend!! Dang! I am enjoying all of my finds and we will see if Walky likes the Fisher Price Soother tonight! So far everything else has been a hit! Viva la Baby!

jenn said...

So jealous that I didn't get to go! I like all the toys :)

Alana Gwinner said...

Nice finds!!
We have that turtle and the ball! The kids love them! And Brodie, a couple months shy of 2, still finds enjoyment out of that ball. He tries to take it from his sister whenever she's playing with ;)

Beach Bum & Baby said...

I REALLY want a cupcake now...

So tell me more about your homemade wipes please? And do you make your own cleaners? I feel like you have mentioned that. Can you please share that info too? I really want to get into making my own but I don't know where to start!

Great finds at the sale! The seersucker outfit is SO cute!! And I love the toys you got!!

grizaham said...

Consignment sales are frightening.

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