Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Jogger City Select : 2011 Updates

My girlfriend @edwardsedition is getting herself a BJCS Stroller since she is pregnant with baby #2 and in doing some research for her I happened across some interesting info. Baby Jogger has made a few updates for 2011 in the Seat ( see below)
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I have yet to buy my 2nd seat for my BJCS and am trying to decide if I should get the 2010 model while it is on clearance or buy the 2011 model. The colors will all match previous shades from the 2010 line. I think the 2010 seats look better but the 2011 are more substantial and may be needed for my piggles.
2011 also added a new color to the lineup. Super pretty purple, but not sure it can be considered Unisex.
and then this little beauty will be available April 1st:
It is an attachment for the stroller seat that transforms it to a travel high chair. That is great news for multiple reasons! When we were in Arizona, we used his stroller like a highchair, but it would have been great if he could have joined the table, other than sitting in my lap because not all restaurants have enough room to bring your stroller to the table!


Brandy@YDK said...

very fancy. i love the purple.

AndreaLeigh said...

we have the baby jogger city mini, and I love it. my only complaint is the straps. I can't seem to get them adjusted to where they are truly comfortable for him.

i am interested in the BJCS for my double. I just need to get over the price!

Mrs. Holder said...

The highchair seat is an AWESOME idea! Love it!

grizaham said...

That stroller just keeps getting better i guess.. Or i just keep giving that company cash... hmmm

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