Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby Fenn is 7 Months Old!

I can not believe my big ole baby keeps trying to get older! How dare he when we are having SO much fun at this stage of life!  He is just pure joy and snuggles!
Check out these rolls! ( and that relaxed bath time posture)

His daddy covered his bathroom parts with a measuring cup that he plays with in the tub!
practicing his Heisman Pose!

Height: Approx 24"

Weight: 23 pounds!! He is a WHOPPER
Size Clothes: 12 - 18 months. Mostly 18 months for the width but they are a little long on him.
New Tricks/Milestones : 
  • Making blubbery noises with his lips/mouth
  • sticking his tongue out or messing with it. I think he just realized he has one.
  • Maybe TMI but as a cloth diapering mom I have to say that I am ecstatic he has reached the stage of a solid poop!
  • he chatters to himself a lot, especially when tired. It is adorable. I wish I knew what he was saying
  • He can on occasion sit himself up when he is laying on his back. He has mastered sitting up now. He was very wobbly for a while.
  • I can feel a sharp spot in his bottom gum which I think means a tooth is gonna poke through!
  • He can now sit in restaurant highchairs and shopping carts. He Loves to do both!
Toys & Baby Gear:
  • The Boon Flair High Chair has been AMAZING
  • The Einstein Exersaucer .He still is obsessed with this thing.
  • Stuffed animals. He really enjoys them SO much. I never thought I would be the mom that is buying stuffed animals, but alas, his happiness is priceless! 
  • I just bought some v-tech toys at a consignment sale and he loves them! 

Favorite Non Toys:
  • He loves to be talked to. Doesn't matter what you are saying just that you are looking at him and interacting.
  • He Loves the doggles. We call them his "woofies" which is a phrase coined by his cousin Caitlyn. He is entertained by just watching them. Rarely does he try to pet or kiss them, but he does on occasion. They are also one of the few things that can elicit his belly laugh or excited shrieks!
  • Paper. Holy Moly this kid LOVES paper. Especially Newspaper. It will keep him busy for 20 mins slinging it around and crinkling it up AND he will cry when you take it away, which is a new emotion!
  • His daddy. I am mystified with how kids know who their daddy is and how obsessed they are with them. I have seen it with both nephews and now my booboo. Baby Fenn LOVES Erik and is happy just to lay in the floor and stare up at him. Literally that entertains him for 45 mins. He reacts so strongly just to see his daddy walk into the room.
  • He enjoys watching us do chores. I can move his saucer or high chair into whatever room I am working in and he just sits and watches me wash dishes, fold laundry, put on makeup etc.
  • Measuring cups and plastic cup in the tub. He loves them! 
Eating & Food:
He loves to eat and has been a good eater since day 1. I make all his foods and so far he has never had any food or milk that was not all homemade!  What he has been eating a lot of lately is Sweet potatoes, avocados, pears, apples and rice cereal. I have not mixed any flavors yet b.c that kind of grosses me out. He does not like bananas or squash!  He cries when we run out of food and smacks his high chair tray. We always feed him in the high chair just to create good habits, plus it makes it easier.  Currently he eats about 3 times a day and about 4 ounces per feeding (sometimes more or less depending on how big of a fit he throws. I feel like I am feeding him too much food for his age but he is also much bigger than most kids his age so I try to base the amount on his reactions rather than the feeding charts.)
    Cloth Diaper Update:
    Cloth diapers are really such a breeze these days! We are using mostly the One size  (snap) pocket diapers I bought off ebay. I have one Fuzzi-Bunz size Large that I love.  The only thing about the fuzzi-bunz perfect fit is that you have to buy different diapers for different sizes/stages, where as the snap adjusting one size is much more practical.
       We are having some issues with a night time diaper because, at night he tinkles ALOT these days and its hard to find the right stuffings to accommodate that. I am currently using a hemp insert from Sprout change and a doubler from Kissaluvs. Anyone else have comments about night time Tinkles? I even tried disposables and he was filling them up/leaking!

    At the Preds Hockey Games! He likes watching hockey with daddy, and usually takes a good nap in the middle of the game! 


      Courtney said...

      Those pics of him and E watching hockey are the funniest/cutest/sweetest thing ever.

      Brandy@YDK said...

      awww he looks like such a happy boy.

      grizaham said...

      He's a good little dude!

      melissa said...

      Love how happy he is in the tub and so into the hockey game! Such a fun, sweet boy.

      Amber said...

      OMG, look at those cheeks! I just want to squeeze them they're so cute. And that smile! It will just make you melt! I can't believe it's been 7 months!

      Mere said...

      He is SO cute Laura! Lve the expression in the first hockey pic and the measuring cup placement has me laughin!!

      Courtney said...

      thoas pics are sooooo cute-especially the hockey ones!!! he's getting so big and cuter and cuter everyday! miss you guys!!

      Perfectly Imperfect said...

      He is such a big boy!!! I love it!

      We have to use disposable overnight diapers for BG at night because she goes so much. We've been using the Pampers Overnights and have had very few leaks since switching.

      Susannah said...

      Oh my dear sweet bunny rabbit! you are so big and cuddly! I cannot wait to see you and love your rolls! you are precious. i love you!

      Marion said...

      Fenn is so awesomely cute! I love the hockey game pics. Do you have a bath set recommendation? I don't love the one I got...

      Beach Bum & Baby said...

      The bath pics are just SO sweet!! I cannot believe our babies are 7 months!!! It is speeding by just SO SO fast!! I can't handle it!!

      And girl I feel you, yay for solid poops! HA!

      Tiny Ocean said...

      what a handsome little dude! Love his bath time lounger. Do you like it? Does he stay relaxed or does he want to sit up a lot? Trying to find a new tub for LL and that one looks like a good one!

      Jessica said...

      I think he might be one of the cutest boy babies I've ever seen, Laura! We need to get him and the monkey together for a play date in the Ville!

      Cary said...

      I cannot believe how much Fenn has grown! He looks adorable and sooooo happy!!

      Anna said...

      He is adorable!! I love the pictures from the hockey game. I agree that this stage is by far the most fun.

      Melissa Tabor said...


      All of the pictures are so adorable! Can't wait to give him a squeeze tomorrow!!!

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