Saturday, January 29, 2011

What is Worse Than A Sick Baby......

 Not much! I have had BF's cold all week and can honestly say that I have not minded much. Seeing him sick put everything in perspective. I would MUCH rather be sick than see him sick. I know children need exposure to strengthen their immune systems, but I can tell you that I will not be letting a germ come near him for the next 6 months if I can help it! When they are so young, they cant take medicines and they don't sleep well, and its really an awful helpless feeling to endure.
Although I took him to the doctor twice, they said he only had a cold or possibly RSV. He never got any medicines, just told me to give him tylenol and later when his temp got higher, they allowed me to give him Infant Motrin.
The nose slime never seemed to bother him much, but if he had a fever he was very fussy. He wouldn't nurse so I gave him cereal several times a day to make sure he wasn't starving.
It took about 8 days to pass, and he still has a slight cough every now and then. I had to hold him to sleep a lot so he could stat elevated. We also put a book under his mattress and a humidifier in his room.

 His little face was swollen and red eyes and lots of drainage. I tried to keep aquaphor under his nose so it didn't get raw. I about drove him crazy with that nasal bulb.He would cough so hard his whole body would shake and tears would come out of his eyes,and sometimes he would throw up. It was absolutely terrible to watch.

I also used ALOT of boogie wipes. They really do help! Thanks to Emilie for suggesting the "fresh scent" ones cause I love the way they smell!

I did some reading and it suggested that moms, just like nursery workers, wipe down toys and play centers often, and every time they have been shared because even if someone doesn't seem sick at the time, they would still be carrying the germ. I now am VERY diligent about wiping down all of his toys and shared items , and I don't feel so bad anymore when I tell random kids in stores not to touch him! My friend CB suggested telling random kids "just touch his feet" which is smart and less rude that " get your grimey paws off my precious baby" HA
The site I read also suggested washing fluffies and things of that nature in a delicate items bag in the washing machine, and hard plastic toys in the dishwasher. You can make a spray of 1tsp clorox in 1 quart of water and spray down things like exersaucers. Let the spray sit for one minute before wiping down. New studies suggest NOT using anti-bacterial stuff due to chemicals left behind. Regular ole soap and water is best!


grizaham said...

Little baby Fenn did not like being sick at all! He gets that from his pops!

Brandy@YDK said...

sick kids are the worst. we love boogie wipes.

Donna, said...

Sorry about your little one being sick. That is the pits, indeed. :( Thanks for the suggestions at the end to keep our kiddos safe and healthy. Take care.

Samantha said...

poor little buddy. In good news, he's gotten so big!!

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