Monday, January 10, 2011

Majah Blog Issues!

Hey Peeps! I know alot of your have been letting me know you have issues with your subscription to my blog and I appreciate that! I have done some research and it seems I let my subscription to the URL "thegrizasonline" lapse and someone in cambodia bought it out from under me. So, I have now changed the URL to "" and am trying to change my feedblitz settings as well.
I set all of that up so many years ago and I cant remember how to get back to it and change it up (yikes)!
Anyway, I worked on it alot today and think I may have fixed it. If you get email subscriptions, they should resume delivery as of tonight. Please let me know if they do or dont!


grizaham said...

Keep up the good work MrsGriza!!

Courtney said...

Hey girl...yeah this is still not working for me, at least in my Google reader. Even if I type in the, it redirects me to your old URL. Maybe it's something with the name iGriza, I don't know. Just wanted to let you know!!

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