Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Iphone App Review: Motion X GPS

I live and die by my GPS, so when we were in Arizona and didn't have it I was stressin'. I took to the app store to solve that dilema and came up with Motion X. I was looking for a cheap app with turn by turn voice prompts.
There are several GPS apps that are in the $50-60 range like the Garmin, which I would love to try but it had bad reviews and that's a lot of money for an app!!
Motion X GPS was 99 cents and you can try the voice prompts free for a month. After that you can purchase them by the month ($3) or buy the year ($20) which after using the free service, I can tell you it is totally worth the $20 a year for portable, reliable GPS navigation. (Last I checked a GPS rental from rental car places is like $7 a day, so once trip and this app would pay for itself.)
Anyway, Check it out in the App store if you need a good GPS app!
Motion X GPS .99


grizaham said...

GPS' are great! Glad to hear you can get step by step instructions for the iPhone..

Nice Find!

Brandy@YDK said...

so i had no idea that you changed from griza online to grizaland and my google feed didn't update. i hope you weren't trying to run from me.

Meliha said...

Have to agree with you on this one (though I haven't broken down and paid for the service after completing the 30 day free trial). LOVED Motion X GPS and how accurate it was (we tested it against the Garmin Nuvi and found they both matched for the most part) and LOVED the voice prompts.

--Meliha /

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