Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Flying With a Baby

Any of you guys have tips or pointers on flying with a baby? Peebles will be taking his first flight soon!

These are things I have heard already and plan to do:
- check the car seat, base and stroller at the gate
- packed a travel bed in our suitcase
- carrying frozen breast milk is no problem with security so I plan to take some to mix with his cereal
- nurse him on take off to helo with ear pressure
- Einstein on the ipad for entertainment during flight

So lemme hear ya'll!


KM said...

Sorry I have no words to provide on flying...Just wanted to wish you Luck and War Eagle!! Have Fun and bring us home a WIN!

Susannah said...

Read "Magnolias Manhattan and Marriage" blog=she has good tips on flying with a baby. I read it when we flew with Emma. Other than that, your ideas sound great. Peebs isn't at an age like Emma was (10 mos) where you had to entertain her. Take him some foodstuffs and a few distractionary toys. And def check the carseat/stroller at the gate! That way you will be SURE it gets there. Are y'all going to Cabo?

grizaham said...

Weagle Baby Fenn!

Cary said...

You are a BRAVE woman! That's all I can say!! Glendale? If so, War Damn Eagle!

ml said...

Weags. I LOVE that Peebs's first flight is to Glendale! When we flew with MA, she was 21 months, and did not seem to even notice that we were flying, including take off and landing. She was super good. We rented a car with a car seat in it so that we wouldn't have to check any bags, and also we got a portable crib from the hotel, so all of those things really helped, so you may want to check into that if it will help you carry less stuff. It will be so fun and another great first with Peebs! Make sure to send us lots of weagleish pics!

Kelli said...

I did a lot of research on flying with a baby before we moved to UT when Lucy was 8 wks old. Katie flew with me so she was a HUGE help! I know it will be different with you flying with Peebs as a 5 mo old but sounds like you have all the basics covered. Your breast milk does not have to be in your 1 quart sized bag for your carry-on; you just have to declare it at security. Also I think the pressure thing might be an issue at flight landing too so maybe you can nurse him then also? I think Lucy used a pacifier and did ok though. PB will do great!

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