Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fenn's New Fancy High Chair!!

 This weekend Macon Babies came and played with us and she wanted to go check out all my discount baby stores! We had a fabulous time shopping as well as a great weekend. We both found some great deals. I found the highchair I was telling you guys about last week for 50% off! I had not really made my mind up about what color I wanted to get but above is the color I found and I was fine with it.
You can see @maconbabies feeding letta in it here! (She requested I cut her out of the pic before blogging!)

Baby Fenn enjoying a nice rice cereal snack in his new chair. He enjoys it and kicks his feet in anticipation whenever I put him in the chair.

Someone told me that you will use the highchair 3 times a day, and so its not really something you can put away so make sure it looks good and you like it alot, also make sure its easy to clean since you do that 3 times a day also. I love the look of this chair but it also has several practical features as well:
- Pneumatic Lift so he can adjust height quite easily to sit at tables, bar, countertops, couches etc.
- The tray is removable and comes with 2 tray tops which are the perfect size to fit in the dishwasher or sink. I love having 2 so you always have a clean one on hand.
- It is very easy to clean because there are no cracks and crevices for food to hide in.
- It has wheels and a foot brake so you can move it from room to room quite easily.

Below you can see a picture of it sitting at our dining room table with the tray removed which will be helpful in later years.

A great thing to do with all baby gear is look for a video review of it at Real moms who have several children review tons of gear and make alot of points you may not think about without having actually used the stuff. Below is the Baby Gizmo review of this high chair if you are interested in watching.
Boon "Flair" High Chair Review:

** Has 5 stars on, was on Oprah, and The Doctors for top high chairs!**

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grizaham said...

i will have to say i really enjoy that chair. it is much easier to feed him in that thing than propped up on pillows on the couch..

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