Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fenn's Current Schedule : 6 months..

Since BF ( baby fenn) was born, I have wanted him to have some sort of security item like  a blanket, lovey, animal etc and have had no luck, until recently. @courtney2681 gave BF some books with a stuffed pig, and he has been enjoying that pig a lot, swinging him all over the crib, chewing on him and snuggling him. I thought maybe he might like some more friends so I started putting some of his other animals in there and he was VERY excited.

And that is cute and all, but the importance of this is that now, the bed is a fabulous fun place to go. When it is time for him to nap, or go to bed, I lay him down, turn on the soother and hand him all his fluffies and he grins and kicks with anticipation and excitement, swings them all over the place until he falls asleep ( usually about 10 mins) and there is no crying involved!

I have long noticed that he sleeps better when he falls asleep on his own, and is not "boobed to sleep". So this also helps with that because now anyone can put him down for naps or bed, not just momma. And it takes about 5 seconds to put him to bed instead of 30 mins etc. What a relief and an accomplishment!

See how excited he is to be reunited with his fluffies!

I just have to make sure that the fluffies don't have any removable parts like eyeballs etc so he wont get choked and if they are all one piece they can join him in the bed!
I saw this stuffies bean bag at my discount store and kind of wish I had bought it. It's a great way to store stuffed animals.

Now babies are game changers, just when you think you have it mastered they switch it up on you, so this could all change next week! I will keep you posted!

Since turning 5 months old he has been staying up for 2 hours at a time. Still, no schedule, we just stay up for 2 hours, nap either for 45 mins or 2 hours then up again, but not at particular times of the day.  I wish it were more predictable like at" 9 am he naps for 2 hours " but we will have to work on that. Christmas + Arizona + sickness has really wrecked our schedule work.


Courtney said...

so glad he is enjoying his piggie!

Domestic Blonde said...

He is so adorable!
Do you leave the stuffies in with him? I am super paranoid, N has a lovey that he falls asleep with but I always sneak in and take it away :/

Perfectly Imperfect said...

We put stuffed animals in with BG not too long ago and it was a wonderful decision. She now will play with them until she goes back to sleep. It's magical!

grizaham said...

he really loves that pig! he is also the cutest little boy i have ever seen.. ;-)

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