Friday, January 14, 2011

Catching Up!

Since we have been home I had had tons to do! Today's goals were to wash all of our clothes, unpack all the suitcases and get the blog back up and running! Check, check and Check! whew!

Here are some more pics from Scottsdale:
The fellas watching highlights of the game on ESPN
Downtown Old Scottsdale was very pretty at night! I loved all the lights
This joker here is a back breaking 21lbs and 8 ounces right now! Can you believe that? He is sooo sweet and full of smiles and laughter these days.
He charmed about 87 million women while we were on our trip! He did great on the plane never cried or cared about it at all. I will say that he has slept like a CHAMPION since we got home though! It's exhausting being so charming all the time!
The last day we visited the Heard Museum.

Then the next morning after we came home, Aunt Julie came over very early with the pups because Ralpy was having an emergency rash situation. Thank GOD for Uncle Louie! He always saves the day and had to administer some butt shots to ole ralph!
See his sad rash! I guess this whole family is full of sensitive skin!
I promise to do an after baby body post soon. A lot has changed lately so I will get to that this week!
War Eagle! It was a great trip and a great game! we loved seeing all our friends out in Arizona!


Julie said...

That rash and the way poor Ralph was acting TORE me up! I don't think I can handle that stress and heart-breaking feeling I had all night! I can take care of seriously ill kids in the PICU, but I can't handle when my doggle-love has a rash! What is wrong with me!?

grizaham said...

That AZ trip was so great.
Little peebs travels well!

Glad to be home though!


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