Monday, January 10, 2011

BCS Scottsdale, AZ Family Vaca : Day 2 & 3

We have really been enjoying our time here in Scottsdale! The town is taken over with Auburn people and it has been really fun and festive. There was an artist festival downtown Saturday that we went to and a very cool children's boutique with a hippie vibe that I loved. They had a huge cloth diaper section and various other neat things. I got one of my 2 trip souvenirs here. I bought a CatBirdBaby Pikkolo Baby Carrier. I should probably do a post on baby wearing and various slings and such. The bottom line is I had a really hard time finding one for my BIG heavy baby. He was too big for most of them and they all required 45 hands, mental strength and 2 hours to put on. This one has a support belt for big ole babies and 3 buckles!

Soooo glad we brought the stroller because we have used it tons and I love it! All our friends stored their purses and coats on the bottom when we were about town and that was super handy.
Sunday we went to the Phoenix Zoo. It was just OK. It had a dessert sort of theme so not very colorful and all the cool attractions you had to pay extra for once inside the gate, so entry was $18pp and if you saw everything you would spend $50 pp.

Sunday afternoon we went to the pep rally. That was neat and we saw a ton of people we knew. At one point piggles got hungry and so I sat down on the ground to nurse him ( there were no chairs or anything around) and all of a sudden everyone around me started yelling and making faces and then i heard the unmistakable sound, and I looked up and said " Did someone just barf on me?" Lucky for me and piggles, he missed us by about 4 inches. Some unfortunate fellow had way too much to drink and was just walking and puking, very casually and spewing on everyone around him. It was super crowded (rumored 50,000) so disastrous for a throw up incident. I wanted to go pop him in the back of the head, but Erik wouldn't let me.
We got to see the Austin Otwells as well as DO's parents! PB loved Momma Otwell and gave her some hugs and an open mouth kiss or 2!
We had a FABULOUS dinner and excellent service at this restaurant called Tomaso's. I had king prawns and seafood risotto that had about 12 pounds of butter in it and was so delish.

and many of you know I opted for shopping money instead of a ticket to the game, which turns out I should have gotten a ticket and then sold it when I got here b.c. they were in HIGH demand and going for around $5000 each when it was all said and done.Oh well! I am super excited about my 2nd souvenir which is a fancy new diaper bag! I have fought the urge to have a nice diaper bag for months, still trying to carry both a purse and diaper bag at the same time, and that is very annoying. Now I have a beautiful and functional diaper bag that looks like a purse ! Super exciting!
and so that concludes days 2 & 3! Stay tuned for Game Day Coverage and Pictures!
War Eagle!


Julie Bray said...

love the new purse/diaper bag! Brand??? Bryan has fish-tank fever so that tends to me I get something pretty too..........

grizaham said...

Scottsdale was great! The Zoo was pretty cool. Really enjoyed the pep rally and the restaurant too!
War Eagle!


Anonymous said...

Did you guys take the baby into the game? If so, did you have to have a ticket for Fenn?

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