Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Fenn is 6 Months Old!

Quick Stats:
We go for our 6 months well baby check up on Feb 1st but for now:
Weight: 21lbs and 3 ounces at last weigh in
Height: Approx 28 "
Clothes Size: 12-18 months depending on what it is. Pants are very tricky. I have just started putting him in pants and they are all too small in the waist! I want some elastic waist cords in nice baby colors. Anybody know where I can purchase those?

New tricks: At 6 months he is like a new baby, or a tiny person! He can see hear and notice things so much more. He LOVES to be talked to, he loves his doggles, he likes to touch everything he can, he can roll over from tummy to back lots ,but have not seen him go the other direction. He gets very close but then flops back on his back. He will grab the side of your face with both hands and try to "kiss" you which means open mouthing you. He can sit up for a minute but not like really great.
My friend's mother hand knitted this precious roll neck sweater! I ADORE it. It is so soft and is much cuter in person. He kept moving about making it scrunch up.
Sleeping: We are still not sleeping through the night. Christmas break>Arizona>sickness means we are WAY off track!  I need to work on this stat, but it is so hard!  He does really well about going to bed on his own every night about 6:30-7pm, but after midnight he tries to wake up ALOT.  I put him in his bed, awake now for all naps and sleeping at night, turn on his soother and give him his fluffies which he LOVES and he eventually falls asleep on his own without trying to make a scene. This peaceful sleep routine is much easier on mom and babe. We are still using a sleep sac at night, since he cant sleep with covers yet. He does all sleeping in his crib.He generally stays awake now for 2 hours at a time and by 1hr 45 mins I go ahead and put him in the bed, because if you miss that window, he gets cranky and its quite a process. If I notice him yawning or rubbing eyes anytime before then, I go ahead and take him to bed.
Toys & Baby Gear: 
  • Exersaucer is the new swing! He LOVES That thing and if he is not in it, he will eye it from across the room or try to get to it when doing tummy time.
  • Baby Einstein and Yo Gabba Gabba DVDS. He loves BE Neighborhood animals, and Baby Santa the best. He has just started showing interest in Yo Gabba, and that show is WHACK ya'll. I walk around singing about the party in my tummy and cleaning up my mess all the time now.
  • He likes these baby Einstein toys I bought him, especially this one, (the ipod.)
  • Stuffed animals
  • High Chair is now part of the every day
  • Due to the size of my large peebles, we will be getting a stage 2 car seat soon! ( tips or recommendations anyone?)
So crazy that it has been 6 months, and as sad as I am to see him get bigger, he is so much fun now. So I have mixed emotions about him growing up! On the mom front I am doing much better. After Christmas, I finally gave up on waiting on my hormones and all to even out. I called the doc and got some medicine for baby blues. I was never actually "blue" but was always so tense and stressed to the point of crazy.  Now that I am much better, I regret waiting so long! I am sure everyone has opinions about this, and ya'll can just save that for yourselves and your own situations.
I think that motherhood is hard! Hard enough without any judgement or competition and since I am sharing every detail of my journey with you all, I wanted to be honest about what that has included and what has worked for me/us. If you are curious about this and breastfeeding you can read all about that HERE on the Kellymom site.


Susannah said...

Oh my giant baby Peebles! I cannot believe how big you are! Laura, we have got to get together with these babies soon! You must make a trip to my home soon-I will attempt a Nashvegas trip too-I know it's a huge pain in the ass to tote 304040 baby things. I love y'all!!!

Jessica said...

Happy 6 months Fenn!

He is one cute kid!

Courtney said...

Happy 6 months! He's so cute!!

KM said...

Happy six months Fenn!!!

I swear our babies are on the same growth rate :) C is 9 months old and just weighed in at 23 lbs and 31 inches long. His height is off the charts he is over 100%

I know what you mean about the pants. I hate all pants unless they have elastic waist. I have found the Jumping Bean brand at Kohl's to be the best for C. I will warn you that Jumping Beans seems to run a little smaller than other brands. C is wearing size 12 month but that is only because Mama has not broke down and bought him the next size up.

C did so good rolling from tummy to back. When it came to rolling back to tummy he didn't do it till he turned 9 months :0 Don't stress if it takes Fenn a long time. I did and it worried me but he did it in the end. I asked his doc and he told me since C weighs more than babies his age it will take him a little longer due to his weight. I am guessing crawling might be the same.

I know what you mean about the "blue" feeling. I wasn't feeling it but I was stressed beyond belief. I went to my doc and he gave me some meds that just took the edge off and once I got my meds I was the old me again. I was so stressed and could not relax and just enjoy being a new mom. It took me six months to finally talk to anyone about the way I was feeling. Don’t know why but much better now.

C has never seen Yo before and I think I will have to get on that Stat!

Great Post Mama :)

Beach Bum & Baby said...


When did this happen?

Seriously I feel like just yesterday we were still pregnant!

Peebs is SO stinkin cute!! I love that first picture of him & his animal!

I really wish we lived closer to y'all! And I am so glad you are doing better - I am too. This medicine seems to be helping so much and I am so thankful for that.

Should I order that Baby Einstein toy for Trey? It does look like an iphone and Trey is always reaching for my phone... hmmm :)

grizaham said...

Randomly found this blog
That baby Fenn is the cutest

Have fun

Marion said...

I love reading your blog. You (and Erik) are obviously doing a great job with Fenn because he is one adorable, happy baby. Keep up the good work! I can't believe how fast these little boys grow up!
PS. I love the toy recommendations! I keep trying to find something that Christian will get attached to so your favs list is super helpful!

Anonymous said...

Fenn looks like he is going to be one heck of a funny kid when he grows up, he has SUCH a sweet smile, I can't imagine he'd use it for anything other than making people laugh!!

I know I'm not a mom and have no idea what the "blue" feeling experience is like after childbirth, but for the people in the other chair, thankyouthankyouthankyou for talking about your experiences! Doctors and therapists are there to help and I wish everyone would come see us sooner rather than later! I'm glad to hear you're feeling better!

ml said...

Sounds like you had the post partum anxiety, like me! Guuurl I was nutso and I am so thankful that they make medication to help with it!
Most importantly, Peebs is presh and squishy and I love him. I absolutely cannot believe that he is six months old. MA wants to come kiss on his head!

AndreaLeigh said...

dear lord peebs! you could eat Cooper for dinner! :) how did this happen? how did you end up with the chunky monkey and I end up with the skinny baby? C is in the 33% percentile for height and weight. I just started putting him in 12-18 and they are a little big.

gap jeans are pricey, i think, but I got cooper a pair that has an elastic tie on the inside to make them bigger and smaller. plus they are great quality and last forever!

we use the britax marathon seat. love it! we just switched him over. i read the reviews and bought it online. it's one of the top rated carseats ( but I've heard great things about the recaro and safety first.

My best advice for a carseat is to go to a baby store and check them out in person. take the car they will be used in. i had no idea how much room the marathon would take up in my car - it's huge! plus we are doing extended rearfacing so it's really a monster turned backwards.

Mrs. Holder said...

I love you Peebs!! You are adorable in your little sweater and jeans! :)

Brandy@YDK said...

we have the truefit - it's been great.

and he's totally adorable at 6 months

Kelli said...

Laura, Fenn is sooo cute! You are a great mama. Let me know what you are leaning toward with the car seat - we have to get the stage 2 soon too.

Kelli said...

Laura, Fenn is sooo cute! You are a great mama. Let me know what you are leaning toward with the car seat - we have to get the stage 2 soon too.

Sarah said...

i'm so glad I read this post! I love to hear all how your baby is doing in relation to mine. My dumpling is 4 months old.

I too am having some serious baby blues. I have not see my doctor about it, but after reading this I'm making an appointment for some help. Crying all the time is not normal.

Love your blog!

Lindsey said...

What a sweetheart! You must get some sort of Jumper. Harper and Jack both LOVE the Fisher Price Jumperoo. It is an expense (I think around $80), but we definitely got our money's worth. I'm glad you are feeling better. My "blues" got worse each pregnancy, but only lasted about 2-3 months. I still have times where I'm especially moody, but I think I still have quite a bit of hormones pumping through me b/c I'm still nursing. You might see it get better after you stop nursing all together (I'm hoping to make it 13-14 months). You are doing GREAT!!!!

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