Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby Feeding and Product Review!

At long last we have started baby foods! I was so excited for this and we have been having a
lot of fun with it! And what is a new stage for PB ,without a bloggy list review of baby gear?
Below are a list of products that I absolutely love! Please comment with any neat stuff I am missing out on!

First up, The Boon Spoon "Squirt". Basically anything by the company Boon is awesome. This spoon though is great for travel as well as around the house, because instead of needing baby food, and a spoon you just need this, and it dispenses each bite right into the spoon so there is no spillage or dripping going from bowl to mouth, keeping things very tidy!

These food cubes by Green Sprouts are great for moms who make their own baby food. They stack and store neatly in the cabinet as well as the fridge. They are BPA free and dishwasher safe.  Also great to use in the freezer! $5 a box !

I am sure everyone has a different preference on bibs, but I prefer cloth ones because they absorb the food/drool whereas plastic bibs just store it so it ends up getting all over you and baby. The problem is, WHERE do you find a cloth bib that does not have obnoxious sayings all over them and uses snaps instead of velcro (velcro is a nightmare in the washing machine and always ends up scratching the back of Piggy's neck).  FINALLY I have found some, and they are plain so that you can embellish them however you like ( monogramming, appliques etc) Rabbit Skins Organic Cotton 2 Ply bibs! They come in 5 soft colors.

I am loving the Beaba baby food maker the hostesses of my baby shower gave me! Today I made sweet potatoes and little peebs thought they were fantastic! It's super easy and fun! I don't know why, but I love making baby food and seeing his reaction to it!

 We do not have a high chair yet, and I am debating on if we need one or not. I am sure it would be pretty useful, especially when he can walk and this is the chair I am considering. Has anyone else tried it? I saw one at my discount store!


Kelli said...

that spoon thing is so neat! we are still very new to the world of solids and have had to take it slower b/c lucy's tummy was not a huge fan of the things i tried early on! the ped. actually suggested i stick to premade baby food initially and can make my own when she has gotten more used to them. love seeing your research!

Susannah said...

I am super glad you love the beaba!! Yay us! I use about 11 billion bibs per day, so they are ghetto saying, colored, velcro as all get out! LOL :) Also, the highchair was a bust for us-she hated it and it takes up a lot of space! We went to a booster seat right after the Bumbo was too small. Much better! easy to travel with and small!

Julie Bray said...

i'm very interested in hearing more of your baby food making experiences! I was dead set on buying one of those machines but opted out of it...... (may still consider it)
Unfortunately Ben's daycare will only accept baby food from home if it's in a plastic container and with original seal intact. but I could make his food we feed him at home.

In case you do buy some pre-made stuff, Ben has absolutely LOVED everything we've fed him from brand- Earth's Best Organic. I mean EVERYTHING! He can be pretty picky. I can't find that brand in plastic containers so he only gets them when we feed at home. He's OK with Gerber too.......

We also love Ben's Babee Tenda highchair/seat. It will last well into his toddler years as a booster and play table. But a travel booster would be good for multi-use.

grizaham said...

That spoon is pretty cool. I have actually enjoyed using it!!


emilie said...

hey girl! glad to see the blog back up & running :)
I ditto your friend's comment about the earth's best brand baby food-M loves everything from them, teething biscuits, jar food, cereal, etc. We love the Boon feeding products, too. I have those spoons, I also have a snack ball which I put plain cheerio's in so that when we're out places I have a snack and it's not all crumbled up! I also have a bowl that i really like from's supposed to be "tip-proof" but I don't think the company counted on my super-baby's strength so I haven't tested this claim yet! I just keep the bowl on the table next to ME :) My best friend has that high chair you're asking about and she LOVES it. We have the generic Fisher Price space saver high chair and I have to say I'm a big fan. I have it on one of our table chairs right now, but yesterday I put it on a bar stool so I could sit at the bar while feeding him. Also great bc it's very easy to throw in the car to take to gram's, the beach, etc. Plus, it's pretty inexpensive, I think. Mitchell is almost 9 months, crawling, has THREE teeth and a fourth one any second now, and is into EVERYTHING!!! Trust me, you are going to want a high chair! The great thing about it now is that I can stick him in it, give him a pile of cheerio's and he's happy for as long as those cheerio's last so I can fix dinner, type an email, etc, without worrying about where he's headed or what he's into! BTW, he also loves the Gerber's Graduates Puffs and Veggie Stix (which kinds remind me of cheetos!). However, I just looked at the nutrition label TODAY (Bad momma, I know!) and when I saw how much sodium is in those veggie stix, I'm prob going to stop giving him those!! Anyone have any other suggestions on stuff like that? Oh, he also loves the Baby Mum Mum rice rusks. SOunds weird, but they taste like Kix to me!

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