Monday, December 20, 2010

These are a Few of My Favorite Things:

I posted this back in 2008, and it is still just as true now as it was then! I have also added some new things for this year:

In honor of the Christmas Season, I decided to do a post in TRUE Oprah style, a list of some of my favorite things. These are great gift ideas for some of you who don't know what to get So & So from the office etc... Each of the items is an actual link to where you can purchase them online.
So in no particular order ....

1. OXO Liquiseal Travel Coffee Mugs.
I.LOVE.COFFEE. I really do, and these are the only travel mugs that work. They don't have handles so they fit well in the cup holder AND once you click that button for it to be closed you can absolutely sling it around in your purse all day full of coffee and get NO spillage. These are not cheap, but sometimes you can find them at T.J. Maxx for like $8. BBB sells them for $20

2.Reisenthel Collapsable Storage Boxes
If you have ever been to our house, then you have seen my obsession with this boxes. They collapse flat if you are not using them, but they velcro shut and have handles on both sides so when you are using them, they are easy to pick up and move. I do alot of closet storage in them and when we moved I was so thankful that some things were already in boxes and didn't have to be packed or carried so carefully! They come in 3 sizes and 7 patterns.
3.Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works
Also obsessed with these! they are like Plug Ins but last longer and don't cause house fires. They come in LOTS of wonderful scents which I change up with the time of year! Right now you can get some awesome holiday scents like Cranberry or Winter White!
4. Juicy Suits
I really do love these things! That is why I sell them. They are super comfy, can be washed and dried without shrinking and they are actually flattering to the figure. I prefer the solid color velour with no writing on the booty. Expensive YES, worth it TOTALLY.

5. OPI Nail Polish
I love to paint my nails and this is my FAV brand.
6. The Iphone.
No. words. Needed.
7. Tervis Tumblers
These cups are awesome. Maybe not the cutest but they don't sweat, leave rings on the table, and they keep your drink hot or cold. Made even better by the fact that you can get cute emblems in them like your team or initials AND they now make lids and straws for them.

2010 Updates:

8. Mrs Meyer's countertop spray ( or any cleaners) in the "Basil" Scent.
This stuff smells amazing and is priced pretty decently and is not full of harsh chemicals.They make holiday gift sets for $24.99

9. Cuisinart brand Keurig Brewer
After everyone in my family got Keurigs for Christmas last year, I was a FAN. This is the one E and I have and we LOVE It. It can make coffee, tea , or cocoa, has a built in water filter and makes several different size cups. It comes with a reusable pod that you can put your own bagged coffee into as well. Love, love LOVE this, and most people who have come to visit us this fall have gone home and bought one of these.

10. The iPad
This thing has been amazing. I have really enjoyed it from when I was pregnant and couldn't sleep or comfortably hold a laptop, to when we now travel with 12 ka-thousand baby items and don't have room for all the electronics I once packed. It has an amazing battery life, I can load my pictures on it and peebs watches baby Einstein on it in the car which saves us from melt downs on road trips. Not to mention being able to read books on it, watch movies, use it like a cook book in the kitchen etc.
11. The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller 
This has been awesome! Taking a baby on the town ( especially a 1st baby) is not always easy but this has made it MUCH easier. I can put his car seat in the frame, add a 2nd seat(2nd child) , it has a HUGE storage basket for when we shop and I used the bassinet as his bed for the first few months he was here. Every SINGLE time I go out, someone compliments how nifty this system is and it is a breeze to fold.

12. LabelOnce Erasable Labels
I used these on EVERYTHING! and I love them! They are great for tupperware and all my huge plastic bins so that when I change the contents, I can just erase and re-label.


Mrs. Holder said...

Good blog! I need some of those erasable labels for sure!

melissa said...

Great list! I've never heard of the erasable labels - how cool! And I'm way jealous of your iPad.

That stroller looks so cool - what car seat do you use with it?

AndreaLeigh said...

I love my BJ city mini but you have me wishing I had gone for the select. how does the second seat work?

wait, you used to work for juicy?

Brandy@YDK said...

I'm looking up those tumblers. and i'm getting a keurig for christmas. yay me!

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