Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Life Changing Experience....

I recently learned from @coryholder that you can shop for your groceries online with Harris Teeter and they will bag them up and bring them out to your car in this drive through window sort of fashion. This is AWESOME. I mean, with a sleeping baby in the car, rain, snow, or when I was HUGEly pregnant and it hurt to walk, that would have been a great time to pick up groceries in a drive through.
Nicole please forgive me for cheating on The Turnip Truck!  I still get essentials there like clean meat, but dang, I sure do appreciate the ability to work on my grocery cart for 3 days right next to my recipes and then submit whenever I am ready to go pick it up! The service costs $4.95.  TOTALLY worth it!
Its called Harris Teeter Express Lane. You can click HERE to see if you have a participating Harris Teeter in your town/state.
Oh, AND they also bagged everything up properly, and neatly in the brown paper bags with handles and not 4 zillion plastic bags. That always drives me nuts!


grizaham said...

A great service! It does the husbands job for only $4!
War eagle!

Mrs. Holder said...

You can also leave your cloth bags and they will put them in a locker with your name of them for next time. Make sure to bring double the amount you usually use so they will have enough for your next trip. Also, they will recycle the bags if you bring them back!

Yes, this is a lifesaver!! I'm a big fan!

Kat said...

How GREAT is that!?!?! I wish we had something like that in Auburn....we don't :( It would make shopping with a baby SO much easier. Have fun shopping :)

Sarah said...

oh my gosh...i think you just changed my life....thank you!!! :)

Nicole Mattingly said...

I forgive you! With a service like that, I might have to cheat on the Truck just to see what it's like!Just promise you'll still come by and see me.

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