Thursday, December 23, 2010

iPhone Picture Dump!

My IRL bestie @edwardsedition suggested everyone do an iPhone picture dump blog since we are all busy with the holidays! Great idea!
Christmas lights outside our house. Yard flair is a must in our neighborhood!

My sparkly sweatshirt from the J.crew outlet! I love it. I bought it was my boobs were too engorged to fit in it in hopes that I would one day be able to fit into it! Whew! So glad they went down!


We took Peebles in a marathon day of outlet shopping and he was a doll. He loves to shop, probably bc of all the friends he makes and sights he gets to see. I bought one of those JJ Cole bunting things that you can put on your car seat or stroller and its pretty awesome, kind of like a built in Sleeping bag. Blankets tend to fall off car seats/strollers b.c baby is kicking, you are moving etc so this is much warmer and stays in place. He got so cozy he took 2 nice naps while shopping. I also LOVE that universal stroller console.

PB LOVES Baby Einstein lately. I mean LOVES it. It has been especially helpful in the car on road trips cause he just watches them instead of having meltdowns....

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Susannah said...

Love it! Especially the sparkly sweatshirt and outside decor-girlfriend gets her decorating on! Fenny-us, me miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! I also love your eye makeup - how do you do it?

AndreaLeigh said...

love the sweatshirt! love!

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