Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ipad in the Car, Remote Control and All!

My love for the ipad grow more every day! I have mentioned before how we now use it in the car like a DVD player and thought I would show you some fun and cool accessories!

First up: Griffin Cinema Seat

It costs more than it should but after spending a day with my arm stretched out holding the ipad up for piggy, I was Ok with paying the $.  It has a mesh pocket on back for storage and a velcro strap to wrap around the head rest in the car.

Next is the equivalent of finding a unicorn because it took alot of searching! a REMOTE control for the ipad. Someone needs to make an app that your iphone can use to remotely control the ipad! STAT
Until then for $8 you can get this on ebay:
Pretty sure I pulled a muscle trying to reach into the back seat and rewind Einstein on the way home from my parents house after Christmas!

The mesh pocked on the back of the cinema seat is the perfect spot to store the remote and the remote receiver when not in use.

and next is some great software called HANDBRAKE. It is a free download and what you will use to rip your personal DVD collection into itunes and be able to load them onto your ipad.

Recently I learned that you can download music and movies from amazon and their prices are better than itunes. You just drag your downloads into itunes and it will show up with all of your other content. Maybe you guys all knew that and I am just late to the party?


melissa said...

You are a wealth of information! I learn so much from your posts.

Mrs. Holder said...

iPad in the car is the best thing ever invented for mom's with rear facing car seats, all of these paired additions have added SO much satisfaction in W's life. Ah, thanks rock for finding all these! I owe you a beer! :)

Julie Bray said...

Man, I need an ipad!

We were just learning about Handbrake yesterday. It's great for use with an Apple TV too. We hope to set up our Apple TV today or this weekend and try out some of this stuff! I need to probably spend hours organizing my iTunes and deleting a lot of the crap I have........

M. Congleton said...

Yay!!!! I just got an iPad and love love love all your info!!!! Especially this post!!
Hope you had a fun Christmas

Brandy@YDK said...

G is old enough to hold the ipad himself - yay. but also to push the home button when he doesn't like something.

the remote is genius!

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