Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Card Display

Every year I always talk about what a big deal Christmas cards are in Grizaland. We wait and open them together every night of December when we are both home. Last year, I acquired the Christmas card holder from Southern Living and I absolutely love it, as I have had the hardest time figuring out how to display our cards every year. This hangs over our Living room door and clips them all in so that everyone can see them when they come over.

 I have a tradition of sending Christmas cards for YEARS, and since Erik and I have been together I like to frame our card for that year in a festive frame.

( I have the year written on the back) and frame the actual picture that was on our Christmas cards.

BUT, I have decided that I would prefer to frame the whole card itself each year, AND i really like the frames that have the year marked on them like these 2 from 2009 & 2010.

If anyone comes across great frames for this and sees any from years past, please let me know! All my tweeps were essential in hunting down the frame for 2010 as I needed it to be 5x7, vertical, & have 2010 marked on it! I finally found it at Khols and it was 65% off! You can't beat that! Thanks to everyone for the help! seriously! I really appreciated all the tweets!


Angie Lane said...

Kohl's is what I was thinking too because I work there part time and the frames is one of my sections I'm in! ha! I love your display and the way you are framing your cards!! too too cute!!! I haven't gotten around to sending mine yet, but you'll have another on the way at some point to add to the collection!!

Sheila said...

What a cute cute idea!!! And I LOVE Kohls!!

Mississippi Candice said...

I love that idea! I am totally going to start doing that with our christmas cards. Also Pier 1 has a fabulous card holder (it is actually in the pic frames for pictures), and its only $10!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea, it's a wonderful way to commemorate the family and have some cute, attractive, and conversation starting Christmas decorations!

And I love the Christmas card holder, I have NO idea what to do with mine right now...they're in a pile and I feel guilty!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I love that idea! You're actually the second person I've seen today that frames the card each year. I think I have mine going back through the years.. I'm so going to do this!

And thanks for the tip on where you got the frame. I went and got one for BG's picture with Santa.

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