Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baby Food & Feeding : Q & A

I have some majah baby feeding questions for all you mommas out there. The 4 month check up with Peebs Pedi was not as scheduled b.c he had an issue and we went in for an urgent visit with the doctor on call and not our regular guy. I didn't get a talk about baby food yet so I am soo clueless and hoping you all can teach me some things!

- First of all, we have started the rice cereal. I mix it with Breast milk and give it to him. Currently I do it twice a day , 1tbsp each time. Is that enough? How often and how much does he need? Do I also nurse him when I feed him this cereal or is the cereal enough? He will be 5 months old this week ( shocking)....
- Also what is the consistency supposed to be like for a 5 month old lad?

He loves it and eats it up and cries if we are not giving it to him fast enough, but I can not stop worrying about if I am doing it properly!

It occurs to me lately the amount of stress and worry that I have over all issues related to my not so tiny baby, and how I probably need medication for that. like stat.

I still can not WAIT to use this thing:

Oh the fun we shall have then!


grizaham said...

My new favorite thing ---> feeding Peebs!! He loves it!

My opinion - feed him enough to make him smile.
Love you Peebs!!

Cary said...

You are soooooo silly! Peebs is not suffering from "lack of food!"
Whatever you are doing, it is perfect!!
Love y'all!!!

Stephanie said...

From me and Bill (the baby feeding pro): as long as it's not hurting his tummy, fill him up! It will help him sleep so much longer. We would do it for Miller's nighttime bottles. We also found that oatmeal was better on his tummy than rice. They also have banana flavored oatmeal too (if you want to give him flavors). Miller was such a chunk and so hard to keep full. Sounds like Pb is on his way to Miller-esque proportions, but don't worry, he's a great size now and healthy as a horse!

ml said...

So... I would totally call the nurse at your peds office and ask for a brochure. We got written instructions from our pediatrician that were very helpful. They need a certain amount of milk/formula at each age and I would not try to guess... any solids at this point are supplemental. Also we got an order and amount of time to try each thing. Peds office is your BEST resource!

The Macons said...

Look up baby led weaning, we had the same prob with Letta. She wanted baby food so fast we couldnt make her happy, so basically she directs what and how much she wants. At 6 months she really started "food" and she has it twice a day (breakfast & dinner) she has 2 pancakes, cereal bar and fruit in morning and ravioli, cheese toast, olives, fruit for dinner. Call me hooch, we will discuss!

The Macons said...

Oh and as for the milk part, my ped said due to her weight she will slack off on bottles once she starts solids. She now has 2 SOLID meals a day and 4 bottles. so don't listen to anyone that tells you otherwise, listen to your mama brain and your DOC!!! LOVA MERRY CHRISTMAS

Erica said...

This isn't probably what you want to hear, but what I think is it's mostly trial and error. If he still seems hungry after 1T, maybe try 2, or try giving him cereal 3x a day instead of just the 2. As far as consistency I think every baby is different. I asked everyone and I got varying answers, from "completely soupy" to "really thick". Personally, Kirsten ate it better (and made less of a mess) when it was made thicker.

As far as nursing, from most of the things I read it's best to feed them cereal/solids, and then nurse afterwards. If you nurse before they won't be hungry enough to really want to eat any of the solids.

We started giving K other things around 5 months I think. Bananas were the first things she had and I just mashed up a little at a time from a fresh banana.

Good luck, have fun eating!

Susannah said...

You are doing fine, consistency should be thinner than oatmeal. You should be still bf'ing quite often at his age. Can't wait to see the Beaba in action!!

AndreaLeigh said...

his calories should primary come from your BM - so food until he's 1 is just a filler. BF him first, and then offer him food. I made the mistake of doing the reverse, and C ended up eating more food and less milk. that isn't the way it should be.

consistency at this point should be very runny. as he gets better with eating, thicken it up. i did 1T forever - he's up to 3T mixed with fruit now.

he won't learn the tongue thrust needed for thicker consistency until 6 months or later.

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