Wednesday, December 1, 2010

All I Want for Christmas is My 2 Front Teeth....

or bottom teeth, or side teeth or whatever it is that is hurtin me!

This is my sweet little baby, .... Teething. I am pretty sure he is teething anyway.... He went from being sweet and happy all the time to being sweet and happy with some fuss fussing and temper tantrums.
- He drools SO much that he is soaking his outfits
- He is putting everything he can in his mouth and chewing on it. His little fingers have pink dry spots from being in  his mouth constantly
- His diapers have been yucky and increased to several a day instead of once a day
- His nose has been a bit runny
- His sleep schedule went BANANAS

So from what I have read all of that = TEETHING. I am still learning up on this teething business but below are the things I have heard/read about to resolve the irritation it causes:
- Sophie the Giraffe ( laugh if you must) but Sophie is not just all hype! She is easy to hold in clumsy little fingers and has lots of little bits that are easy to gnaw on.
- Teething Tablets ( have not tried yet but plan to)

- Raz-Berry Teether. ( peebs got this from his gunkel matt) and he has really enjoyed chomping on it. It is easy for him to hold on to since its like a pacifier.

So , we had our 4 month well baby check up this week, and peebs has not been feeling super well.  The teething, and he may have a germ from his mom and dad. We have both gotten sick over Thanksgiving and peebs started yesterday having a little fever and making an awful sad noise that sounds a little like a seal. His little voice is just hoarse.  That started Monday night and seems to be much better today ( wed).
He now weighs 18lbs 8 ounces and 26.5 inches long! We are about to start rice cereal in a oatmeal like consistency and then around 6 months I get to start feeding him baby food! I cant wait for that because I want to make it using my Beaba!
Also on his 4 month birthday we began the dreaded CIO or "Cry It Out" . I'll embark on this in another blog as it is long and controversial. I am happy to report after one night of CIO he has gotten back on track with sleeping from 7pm - 5am and only waking up once around 2am. Once he is well, I will resume the CIO to extinguish the 2am wake up since its mostly a social call and he doesn't actually "need" food.


grizaham said...

He such a cool little dude!

Brandy@YDK said...

cute outfit. we loved sophie. there was a hyland's recall - don't know if that still applies. G also like those net things where you put cold fruit in it and he gnaws it through the net. and baby orajel. and tylenol.

Brittany said...

Poor peebs!! I wish I had some advice but I am definitely taking note on what works for y'all.

LOVE his outfit!

Brooke said...

He is so stinkin cute!! So sorry he is feeling bad. My daughter just knawed on her fingers when she was teething but I had a friend whose son loved to chew on wet, frozen wash cloths.

Sarah Stanley said...

Poor booboo. Laura, he really is a beast. I just took Sally yesterday to get her 2nd part of her flu shot and asked if we could weigh her. She will be 1 on Friday and weighs 21 pounds. I love being able to compare! Well, not compare, but hear other's stats. It's so funny because they are all so different. Kiss those cheeks for me.

KLaw said...

I am so glad to hear that its working out for you! Just be forewarned about posting about the CIO... I got my ass reamed from morons hence the private baby blog now. Just a heads up that people are viscous and nasty :( Boo!

I am sooooo glad Smith has a big boy buddy! They are the exact same size!

Kelli said...

Sweet Santa outfit! So sorry about his teeth and stuffiness. Lucy has her first cold right now and that affected the sleep. We have Sophie and the razberry teether and Sophie is the fave. The Hyland's teething tablet did have a recall and we had only used a few so I mailed them in for a refund. Scary!

Erica said...

Perfect photos and title. :) Gosh the teething thing is hard. Every time I thought Kirsten was teething (which was maaaaaany times) nothing came through. Then, I had no idea what was going on, and FOUR popped through in a week. It's beyond me. I hope your little man gets back to being happy soon!

Cary said...

WTG on the CIO! Glad it worked and yes, try it again after he is feeling better. Nothing seems to help them when they don't feel good!

melissa said...

Aww, poor sad Peebs. He looks adorable in his Santa outfit even though he's sad. Hope his teeth stop bothering him soon.

~Kristen~ said...

Congrats on making some positive headway in the sleep department! I hope you both continue to get the rest you need. :) We haven't had to try CIO yet - Wynn only gets up once per night - but I know he doesn't need that feeding. He's a chunky monkey now! Eventually, we may have to try CIO to eliminate the night feeding, but I'm going to wait a few more weeks to see if he will drop it himself!

Samantha said...

Poor PB. I feel so bad for mommas and babies when I see they're teething. This phase just seems awful!

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