Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stroller Update: Baby Jogger City Select

You guys may remember my post back during pregnancy about my stroller choice, you can read that HERE. A few people have asked me for an update so I thought I would do that now.  You can also read over at The Masters on Jefferson, and the Greshams ( who is a new mom to TWINS) as they have the same stroller and are very happy with it. They each have 2 kids and use it with 2 seats.

Anyway, I have been loving this stroller. We have used it a TON for our tailgates and as a bassinet and all and just recently I decided to use it with the car seat attachment and see how it goes. It worked perfectly. We took a ride to the grocery store, and since he fell asleep in there, it was nice to just transfer the car seat back to its holster, and not have to take him out of the stroller seat and move him. If y'all think your car seat is heavy, try carrying one with a 20lb sumo baby in there! Its VERY nice to have a stroller to push that thing around.
This stroller pushes like a dream too which is really nice. It is MUCH easier to push than any buggy that's for sure! It has a HUGE basket on the bottom which was actually one of the features that made it come out on top when I was stroller shopping. When the check out lady was helping me load up my bags, she commented on how smart the set up was.
Another great thing about this stroller is how my discount store sells all the accessories for it, so I have gotten them 60 -70% off retail. We have the storage bag which is nice for all the extras or different seat because our basement is icky and this keeps it dust free. Also good if you wanted to travel with stroller on an airplane.
The car seat attachment, (which originally I didn't like because of the car seat we were using it with.) I think its a very good idea to make sure your car seat and stroller system work well together before purchasing. Anyway it works really well with the car seat pictured below and most other models. You can check their website for compatibility.

Baby Jogger has quite a celebrity following.  Below is Roger Federer strolling the streets of Italy with his family.
Feel free to ask me any questions if you are considering this stroller. Also watch that video from my previous post showing Baby Gizmo reviewing the stroller. That was super helpful.
My 2nd choice was the UppaBaby Vista. I have several friends who bought that stroller and are very happy with it. I also like the Peg Perego Skate 2010 model.
If I wasn't planning on having more children, I would have chosen the skate. Its awesome, but I was trying to be practical and the City Select accommodates 2 very well, and was the cheaper one of the 3.
Anybody else with stroller feedback?


Caro said...

What discount store are you referring to that sells accessories?
P.S. Missed yall sunday.

Julie Bray said...

I do love my UppaBaby Stroller! The one you got looks very similar to mine,,,,, I thought it was the same from the pictures. But your's looks like it has many more position options.
So glad I got a stroller with a bassinet! We still use the bassinet attachment when we travel as his bed. It's much easier to pack than a pack n play- mainly because we pack a ton of Ben's stuff in the bed part of it and then unpack when we get where ever and use it for his bed. He's comfy in it and feels secure in his little "cave", sleeps well!

Anna said...

We absolutely love our City Select too! It's been great. Right now we're using it with two car seat attachments, but I can't wait to break out the two seats. With two car seats, we get a lot of stares and questions! :)

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