Thursday, November 18, 2010

Peeb's 16 Week Portraits

Here is my little buddy showing off his camera skills. He is not as co-operative as he once was, cause he can move around a little now. He also tried to eat his companion this week.
It has been an interesting 2 weeks on the developmental front !
He is learning how to:
bat at toys,
grab and/or hold toys
he's finally actively noticing and petting the doggles. He watches them and shows intrigue.
I remember not really understanding the importance of these types of development in my non child years, but now that I have one 24-7, I can really appreciate him being able to control his hands enough to insert the paci, or entertain himself in his car seat with a toy etc.

Still a drool machine and spit up factory. I am still working on that. He has been really pleasant lately laughing, smiling and being sweet.  We are having to kind of  re-train him on the bottles because it had been a while since he had one and he was acting like he didnt know what to do with it! He certainly does not prefer it. I recommend actively using both boob and bottle to you new mommas out there because from what I have read and witnessed they can and will take both and its such a relief to know that.
Piggles had his longest time away from me last weekend while E & I were tailgating in auburn my old coworker and friend Tonya kept him. I was terrified he wasn't going to eat for her from those bottles but he did just fine and she said he was sweet too.
He was 18lbs 1oz at our last check in and is almost 28 inches still wearing mostly 9 months clothes!

Ya'll tell me your booboo's stats in the comments cause I like reading them.

** oh and for those interested, i made this photo collage in iphoto on my mac. It was one of the upgrades from iLife '11.** It took literally 1 minute and 1 push of a button. ***


ml said...

SO stinking cute! I love how you called it "Peebs Graham!" Can't wait to snuggle him again.

Brooke said...

He is so cute! My daughter has always been a little peanut and never had any of the chunky baby fat that I love so much. She at 1 year is just 20lbs 14oz and 29 inches long.

Sarah said...

I am so glad to hear that someone else has a big ol' babe to love! My little man will be 17 weeks tomorrow and weighed in this week at 18 pounds 5 ounces, he 29 inches long! He is a boob man and seems to be thriving!
Love your blog - I have been

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