Monday, November 8, 2010

PB The Reflux Baby...

Little Peeby has embarked upon a new road lately. A messy, icky one. When he was first born, he never spit up, and I remember thinking  I would never get to use all those cute little burp cloths I got as shower gifts, and being sad about that ( lol).
Well, 3 weeks later he did begin some mild spitting up, nothing I ever worried about or that bothered him at all. I did ask my doctor about it and he said most babies do have "reflux" . I was shocked he used the word reflux cause that sounds so harsh.  I was also shocked that so many tiny babies would have reflux, because I could not imagine why that would be. 
So I did some research, (thank God for the internet. Don't know how mommas survived before it) and turns out that babies spit up b.c this thing in their throat isn't mature enough to keep the food in the stomach, not because they have some kind of indigestion. Ahhh that makes more sense :)
Then I tried EVERYTHING under the sun suggested to little reflux babies to help, like elevating bed, sleep wedges, keeping upright for 20 mins after eating. On and on that list goes, and he got better. Then all of a sudden around 3 month mark he starts spitting up something fierce. I'm talking the kind of action that required a change of clothes for him, me and erik, MULTIPLE times a day. Spitting up as much as an ounce or more at a time, sometimes kind of projectile-ish.
All this leads to our trip to the doctor today. Peebs weighed in at 18lbs 1 ounce and he has some medicine to try called "Ranitidine" which is a liquid that he gets drops of twice a day. He also suggested  that I put rice cereal in his bottle to help weigh the milk down in his stomach.
I did both of these things tonight and we shall see how it goes with Peebles this evening.
I plan to pump him a bottle with rice cereal daily now, to help with his reflux and to keep him taking a bottle because lately he has been acting insulted when I try to give him a bottle and he starts bucking and cry crying and getting all red in the face! He did this in the mall today which was fabulous.
On another note, the Pedi was concerned over his remaining Cradle cap, mostly because piggle has been scratching at it in a very aggressive manor that is sad to watch and impossible to stop. He gave me some medicated shampoo to use and told me to make sure and keep him well moisturized to help with his cradle cap and his eczema. Apparently he got my high maintenance skin...
So after the doctor we went to the mall for a bit. Peebs loves the mall as much as his momma. I had a groupon to The Body Shop, (I have been a loyal fan of theirs for over 10 years) and that Groupon was awesome! They have a sweet little baby line now and I got some stuff for peebs and his high maintenance skin and I LOVE it. It was so soft and easy to rub in and smells delish, plus its all natural! I will keep you guys posted if it helps with his sad skin. I have already tried Aveeno, Aveeno for eczema, Safety first natural deep moisture, etc
 It's called Buriti Baby Body Butte
anyway , thanks for all the sweet tweets today checking on PB!  My little dude is all good! In fact he had his first real laugh out loud moment tonight. I was spraying his head with olive oil from my misto sprayer and for some reason he thought that was hilarious and just laughed and laughed. I think he liked the noise it made. who knows. 
Stay tuned for the update on momma's trip to the doctor! 


grizaham said...

Dang peebs is a cutie dude!
He just enjoys burping and spitting like his pops!


Kat said...

Sorry about his sad skin :( Cooper had sad skin as well and the only lotion I could find to help him was my lotion, Cetaphil. Hope he gets his skin and reflux under control very soon for his Momma!

KLaw said...

S is the same way with his reflux! Been pukey mcpukerson lately. I can't stand it. Like even an hour after he eats. Crazy!

Susannah said...

awww peebles, i am so sorry for the pukey ness. i love you and miss you! you are a giant boy, way bigger than your girlfriend letta! xoxo

AndreaLeigh said...

poor PB! how is he doing now? is the ranitidine helping?

Anonymous said...

Peebs seems to be hanging in there, as evidenced by his huge ass grin in that picture! He's adorable!

I hope I get an interview in Nashville for internship and can meet PB and see y'all!

Kim said...

My little guy at his two month check up was told he has really bad eczema, and that I need to cut out all dairy (sucks) due to his reflux. He's always congested and apparently all three are related. So far this Aquaphor pasty stuff has improved his skin tremendously, but it's icky. I'll have to check out the body shop lotion. I'm interested if the meds work for your little one. That might be our next step, as for now we both have a lot of extra outfits on hand. I just tried changing my little guys diaper sitting up just so he wouldnt spit up. Not easy, he spit up anyway, ugh!!! Good luck!

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