Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Momaroo! A Review....

Have Ya'll seen this thing around yet? It is called a Momaroo by 4moms and is a chair/swing type contraption.  I have seen them in my discount store from time to time, and resisted the urge but finally bought one yesterday for 60% off and peebs loves it.
It comes in several colors and plugs into the wall. It offers several types of movement ( tree swing, riding in the car, kangaroo) etc which is to mimic soothing movements for infants ( kangaroo would be like what it feels like in the womb, jiggling around) and it has a built in sound machine with several options for sound ( crickets, white noise, ocean waves , waterfall etc) and it also has a cord and plug in for your ipod/iphone so you can play tunes through its speakers as well.
The mobile on the top as little balls in it that are black and white on one side and colored on the other ( its reversable) and peebs REALLY likes it. It is easy to remove if you wanted to do that since its not very cute, or if you wanted them to relax and not be stimulated.
The whole contraption is a pretty small, which I love, because it takes up minimal space in our living room (that currently looks like an infant playground), but I love how its color scheme just blends in with our decor.This would be ideal for people who don't have extra space in their house/apartment for baby gear.

I saw on twitter this morning THIS ARTICLE about the Momaroo's celebrity following which was funny! If you have a registry or a baby on the way I highly recommend it! I don't think it can be considered as a swing replacement though, for us anyway, because Peebs LOVES his swing and the momaroo doesn't do that same motion. Maybe a baby who has never been exposed to the swing crack, wouldn't miss it though? Momaroo 2.0 should come with that swing motion and a remote control!
You can buy them from Buy Buy Baby or Amazon!


grizaham said...

A new space toy!

Fenn will love space and the whole Enterprise crew.

war eagle

Virginia said...

Glad to hear Peebs likes the 'Roo. I have one in the nursery just waiting to be put together...just wished I had done some bargain shopping b/c that thing was pretty expensive at full price:(

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