Saturday, November 6, 2010

MGMT at the Ryman!

Thursday night we went on a double date with the Happy Holders to see MGMT at the Ryman. It was pretty cool. I am not sure what was more interesting, the band, the big psychedelic screen behind them or the fans...  Video Clip below so you can see them. Thanks to Jgro for babysitting my piggy! She said he was very sweet and that they love each other!


grizaham said...

It was an interesting show. Was excited to see MGMT again. Definitely wasnt the best concert but the fact that it was at the Ryman and we were with good company made up for it!

War Eagle.

Tracey said...

Oh man I have been wanting to see them forever now!! Glad you had a good time. I also really want to see The Phoenix, who I missed out on a month ago. I also missed out on Shiny Toy Guns two weeks ago.

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