Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Iphone App Review: iReconcile

Pay Close attention peeps! This is my new FAVORITE APP! I have been a long time user of icheckbook, which is basically a checkbook register app for your iphone. This new app, iReconcile is a better version of that app, with lots of new cool features. The main one being that it allows you to create a budget, and categorize expenses as you record them and they will automatically deduct that from your budgeted amount and you can always check this by looking at bar graphs. 
I have spent countless hours lately making a new budget for us, after realizing on mint.com how much we spent on FOOD. I was astounded... shocked... and disappointed in my wifeyness. Sooooo now we have a plan and a budget and its looking good. (more on that later). Mint.com is great, but not always up to date, as it only records transactions as they clear and not in real time as you spend, which is what I want so when I am out shopping I can look at my budget and see if its Ok or not to buy PB that new outfit with the cute footies etc.. ha
They offer a lite version of this app for Free so you can play around with it and see if you like it. It is on sale in the app store currently for 60% off.
Oh also , it syncs online, in real time as well so you wont lose your data with a phone crash etc.


Jessica said...

Your iLove is wearing me down ... I'm wondering why I didn't convert to iPhone when I had the chance. Love all the reviews!

Melissa Tabor said...

Sweet! Been hounding myself to get a budget together...used to use something similar to this, but it didn't have all of these features. Will look into it! :)

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