Thursday, November 4, 2010

Iphone App Review: Better Christmas List

Can ya'll believe Christmas is only like 7 weeks away? Time to get planning! Below is a cool app I use to organize my gift ideas and what I have bought, purchased, wrapped and mailed.
It's called Better Christmas List. Check it out in the app store!


melissa said...

That's awesome! Too bad I don't need an app to organize my gifts - becuase I haven't purchase a single one yet. Oopsie. Guess I better get on that!

All your posts on iphone apps make me wish I had one. Unfortunately, I'm still on a family plan WITH MY PARENTS on Verizon, so the iphone isn't an option. How ridiculous is that? My dad still pays the cell phone bill for his three adult children. I mentioned getting a family plan with my husband a while back and my poor father looked so sad I abandoned the idea. So, a free cell phone bill is a decent trade off for going without the iphone I suppose.

Melanie said...

Sweet. I'm getting this b/c I've had to use an excel sheet the last few years and it sucks if I'm out somewhere and forget if I got something already for someone. I've already got half our list done, so this'll help now that it's getting closer to time. Thanks for reviewing!

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