Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cloth Diaper Review: Bum Genius Elemental 4.0 AIO

Bum Genius just came out with a new AIO diaper, The Bum Genius Elemental One Size AIO that is pretty rad, performance wise, but dang they are pricey! $25 each!  The point of this new style is that the inside is made up of exposed layers so that when you wash them, it doesn't take FOREVER to dry like other AIO. This is probably the Cadillac of AIO Cloth Diapers.
However, that being said, they do not come clean as easily as my other diapers, and may retain stains easier.  It also, still takes a while to dry, not as long as other AIO but still a while.
So while I like this diaper, for an AIO, I would not prefer it to the pocket diapers I have been using.


Sarah Stanley said...

$25.00 a pop!!! No bueno. I really don't mind he pocket diapers at all. I like that you can add or take away inserts.

Good review, keep it up!

Kelli said...

Love a good cloth diaper review! And we have several of these (maybe not this new version but similar at least) but just got some pocket ones to use along with them so I'll have to get used to using both.

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